Song Recommendations + Covers


Yikes no post in a while but at least summer’s coming soon so tons of posts!

Most of these will probably Madilyn Bailey and Jasmine Thompson just because I’m doing a marathon of their videos right now.

This is a song she wrote and I love it! It sounds so good and she had a bunch of youtubers lip syncing it for this lyric video 😀

This cover is one of my favourites by her and deserves more views!

Her most recent cover that she did for a contest and sounds a bit better than the original 😛

Jasmine’s Wonderland album sounds so nice but here’s my favourite song from it! Plus she’s only 16 so she’s amazing for her age!


I love how her voice makes all songs sound sad or soft ❤

When do you guys get off school? I’m already seeing people on Instagram getting off like I STILL HAVE A MONTH SO



School Life Hack

It’s very possible that this “life hack” is already commonly used and I just suck at life

Have you ever struggled remembering math formulas before an exam?

Have you ever spent 10 minutes flipping around your book for a phrase or a formula?

Well forget no more!

If you have a math (or any subject) workbook, simply look at the front or the back pages of the book and you should find a blank page somewhere


There, you can write any key notes, errors you commonly make, or any formulas.

That way, you don’t have to flip around your book everytime you’re studying, especially when it comes to finals, where you have to study everything 🙂 18575265_1558940340782732_1107242929_o

What if you don’t have a workbook?

You can use painter’s tape and tape a blank page behind your textbook cover. Make sure to use painter’s tape or a light tape so that it doesn’t peel the paper


You can buy those giant sticky notes and stick it to the front or back of your book


You can just write in pencil (not too hard) and erase it at the end of the year 🙂


Life Update pt. 2

so my laptop has ressurected

I’m not sure what happened but now I don’t have to use my mom’s laggy laptop anymore :))

this laptop is still probably pretty unstable and might die again but idkkkk I’ll deal with that problem when it comes

As for now, I should probably start backing up all my files that I care about before they’re all gone…again


life update

so my laptop decided to die on me yesterday

and now I have my mom’s laptop but I can’t play any games on it,
1) it’s super laggy
2) it’s not made for gaming, unlike my other laptop
3) downloading a game (like LoL) is probably gonna lag the entire laptop more than it already is laggy
which is fine because I’ll won’t have as much distraction from doing homework and stuff

I’m really sad though, because I lost Sony Movie Studio and I don’t think I can re-download it onto another laptop because it’s only meant for 1 device per purchase

Thank goodness I uploaded most of my photography onto here or else that would all likely be completely gone too

I mean 90% of my files are gone because I didn’t back them up, but they weren’t really that important – the files I really liked are online or on something else, but then again, my unprocessed video files are gone too…oh well

Also means all my fantage files are gone, so maybe this is a way to say I’ve finally gotten over fantage (I had way too many files on fantage even after quitting lol)

I got the laptop a little over a year ago and I’m quite sad that it broke (it won’t turn on)
not really sure how it happened and idk if it’s fixable, but if not, I might get a desktop instead because they seem to be more stable

looks like I won’t get a camera anytime soon at this point 😦


Last Minute Presentation Hacks

We’ve all been there. A presentation the next day where we haven’t even started practising for. It’s honestly the most stressful thing ever but you know you gotta get that A+ ;))

Here’s a few tips that will help you get by and in addition, make it seem like you’ve rehearsed it a million times:

1. Read it over and over and over and over and over again until you feel comfortable with what you’re saying

Pretty self-explanatory. The more you read it, the closer you get to memorising it (which should be your goal if it is reasonable).

2. Practice in front of a mirror
Image result for presentation mirror
Yes, it’s uncomfortable staring at yourself. But if you’re able to get past this, presenting in front of an audience is much easier
An alternative to this would be to video yourself, then watch it. I do think it’s more preferable to just do it in front of a mirror though.

3. Record yourself (audio)

And then listen to that file. Even if you hate your voice on tape, just do it. Listening to yourself will help you identify where you stumble and it will let you know where you need to get yourself more familiar with

4. Highlight parts of your paper

I’m not sure if this method works for everyone, but I recently thought of doing it and it worked out super well for me.

This was a book report I had to present in which I procrastinated to the night before to write and practice. I found that I often lost my place at the same parts, so I decided to highlight the phrase. This way, when I glanced at my paper in the middle of my presentation, it would be easy to find where I was. In addition, my brain works really well with colour. I associate colour with certain parts of the presentation. For example, the parts I highlighted in yellow were quotes from the book. When I looked at my sheet during the presentation, I would see I am at the first yellow part, and because my brain associates it with “I can’t let them hurt her anymore…”, I would be able to look right back at the audience right away and continue my presentation confidently because I knew exactly what I had to say.

(not sure how well I explained that but
tl;dr I’m a very visual person so by associating parts of my report with colour, it’s easy for me to know what’s next and by having bold colours on the page, I can easily find my spot when I quickly glance down at my paper)

5. Stop procrastinating

This is hard. I get it. But the more time you have to keep thinking about what you’re presenting and repeating the words over and over again, you get more comfortable and you can almost present without thinking.

Hopefully at least one of these tricks helped 🙂 I have aced 2 English presentations so far using these tips and tricks. Of course, it’s not always great to leave things last minute but if you have a lot of other work to do and this presentation just wasn’t on your mind until late, this list definitely will help you out, even if it’s just a bit.


Great Music

As you can probably tell, I’m trying to make my music taste a little better… like striving away from radio songs and orchestral music

Movie soundtracks, however I can’t stop listening to haha

Here are some songs I really like that aren’t very “mainstream” I guess

or maybe they are

maybe I’ve discovered a region of music that like literally every non-basic person on earth listens to

BTW these songs might be kinda weird, not in like the relatable way, like I am a strange person who has very strange taste in things like room decor, art, clothing and music that the average person probably wouldn’t agree with

(Don’t judge by my DIYcraft posts, that’s just me trying to a basic tumblr room decor person LOL)

Once again I have created a playlist in which I’ve named “Gravycf’s Strange Music Taste”

This song I like because it makes me sad and it’s not a breakup song, it’s a love song


I think I’m kind of a emotional masochist because I listen to depressing music for fun to feel the pain

I don’t actually like anyone rn so hahahhahah can’t really relate to these songs

WOW a happy song, I know right? There’s a swear word by the way, at about 2:40 and it’s loud and clear, if you’re someone that’s a bit sensitive to swear words

The other songs might have some swearing, but I haven’t caught it so far so it should be kind of subtle


Anyways this song is great. The first time you listen it’s meh but then after a while it’s soooo good and you can’t stop listening

I’ve never heard the original song but this remix is great


also great

Steve Aoki has a lot of great songs but not a long of people listen to them :/

Popular artist- Louis Tomlinson

A lot of people know about this song but I don’t really know a lot of people that actually listen to it…

But it’s a really great song


Great Instrumental Music

That’s probably not the correct term but

here are some songs I like listening to normally, and especially when I’m doing my homework because listening to songs with lyrics is kind of hard for me while doing homework

Here’s a playlist with all the songs

Normally I only listen to about 2:25

Lalaland music is pretty great… although I listen to a lot of instrumental music mostly for the oboe because it reminds me of how much I suck at the oboe (shameless self promo: here are some posts I’ve made about the oboe)

First lalaland now beauty and the beast

But it’s a great instrumental :PP

also this song reminds me of my childhood

And the beginning is kind of suspenseful and makes me finish my homework faster

…but also increases stress so listen with caution

This is actually an instrumental of the song Summer in Ohio from the movie The Last Five Years

It’s better with words but still sounds good with just the piano

More great music, great singing (although this has no singing but the movie has great singing)

I can almost play this on the piano but not quite 😦 I quit at grade 3 piano hahha

I’m not really the type that likes listening to other people’s music suggestions haha

but usually, IF I cave in, I’m like

Image result for shook gif

because I’ve discovered a new world

but I still don’t like listening to other people’s suggestions

BUT comment any music instrumentals you listen to because I will force myself to listen to them and discover this great music you probably listen to

and maybe I’ll add it to the post too 🙂