Free Editing Apps

I haven’t posted in a while and I said I would have lots of summer posts, sorry :\

  1. VSCO
    Image result for vsco
    Probably the most popular app out of this list. You can use lots of different filters and edit the tone of the picture then post it on your vsco account. You do have to pay for some filters and features but I just use the free ones because they’re just as good.
  2. A Color Story
    Image result for a color story
    This one is more advanced and uses red green and blue to change the overall colour of the picture. You can edit the different tones of the picture and still do simple editing like brightness and sharpness with filters.
  3. Facetune 2
    Image result for FACETUNE 2
    Facetune is always used by Youtubers but they don’t mention that it costs money, so I use Facetune 2 which has almost all the same features. You can whiten, smooth, and make some parts for clearer.
  4. Blend Editor
    Image result for blend editor
    This app can blend to pictures together and you can adjust how you want to blend it. You can use a silhouette and another picture to create this Image result for blend editor which is very pretty.
  5. PicMonkey
    Image result for .picmonkey/
    This app is basically just like the website but on your phone.

That’s all I have but comment some more good ones that you use! Also what day do you go back to school? I go back September 6.




so I go on fantage again for the first time in a super long time
(btw “fairycari” is mine again so if I happen to go on fantage and you see that username, it’s me)

a random person added me and I decided to just add them back because why not
(I have space now because I had to clear my buddy list for the person that used it and tbh I’m really sad I did because there were so many people I didn’t want to delete and thinking back on it now I’m even more sad omg why did I ever delete anyone from that account and now I can’t re-add them ’cause most of them quit 😦 that was completely off topic but anywayy)

here’s what they pm’ed me:


I laughed so hard at this like wdym “i wont hack it i swear idk how to anyway” “i can hack but like idk”

although I really don’t care much for my fantage account anymore because most of my items were earned my the previous person who used my account, I’m still not planning to give it away to random people


Some rushed photography

I was scouting out a location that I wanted to use for the video project I mentioned in my last post, and I took a few pictures for the purposes of remembering the places so we could go again when we actually went there to shoot the video, but here are some of the pictures that showed the beauty of nature and how everything is so aesthetic even if you don’t put a huge amount of effort to compose a picture

(see the light where it shines on the sea, it’s bliiiindinggggg) (it actually was very blinding) (my camera couldn’t adjust to the brightness of the sun, but the view here was so pretty)

All pictures taken on Redmi HM 1S, unedited

Also, any suggestions for a good photo editor for beginners? I always wanted to stick with no editing for the longest time until I realized editing your pictures could enhance it so much further so I’d like to start as soon as I find a good editor that is fairly simple to use.


>1 month without posting

school ended for me about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t been productive which leads me to not posting anything because I’ve literally just been sleeping for like 10+ hours and then watching YouTube videos
sorry D:

anyways, here’s what I’ve done since my last post (which was on June 1st)

I had a dance recital/show that was super fun and went surprisingly well with just a mishap on one of the show nights but that’s ok it was still good lol

I got contacts for dance, and it took me almost an hour to put them on, take them out and then put them back on again. It still takes me like 1-2 minutes now, but at least it’s a huge improvement

My cousin came to visit, and that was pretty cool. Didn’t really do too much with her though because she came during my exam week :/

I had 4 final exams (one per day, 4 days in a row) to end off my school year. I’m pretty happy with my marks, although I should have done wayyy better on one of them. oh well

My friend showed me this video

I actually learned to play it. What am I doing someone please help me LOL

I decided to start taking jazz and lyrical dance class next year in addition to my ballet classes. I’m pretty excited for that :)))
Also learned I’m going en pointe next year and I’m super excited but also kinda scared.
And I also signed up for this ballet intensive in August. I’m not ready to do 45 minutes of conditioning. I tried doing an ab workout and I just about dropped dead.

I went to a friend’s house to attempt to make hand pulled noodles (手拉麵/手拉面). It turned out fine, but it wasn’t really hand pulled. More like an alternative to chopped noodles.

My aunt, uncle and family (another aunt and 2 cousins) also came to my house to visit. House was way too crowded but it was good seeing relatives that I don’t often see.

I went to my friend’s house again to make rice krispies and cupcakes

got to use a blowtorch to do the topping. first time using it and it was pretty fun 😀

I went to the beach with some friends and we walked and waited for an hour (total) for bubble tea. It was definitely worth it. Bubble tea is so good ❤ Walking uphill in flip flops for like half an hour was not fun though

I decided to make a (hopefully) pretty cool violin music video thing with one of my friends based off of Jhin (from LoL). I’m pretty excited to shoot this video but I’m scared how it might turn out because it’s my first time doing this kind of thing. I mean no matter how it turns out it’ll be a really good learning process 🙂

I got Netflix and started watching Riverdale and finished the series the next day. IT’S REALLY GOOD OMG.
also someone in my grade happened to find Cole Sprouse on the street and got a picture with him and I’m super jealous >:((

My sleeping schedule has been completely messed up. I either sleep at 12:30ish or 4am. There is no in between.

(sorry for the inconsistent capitalization heh)

So how are your lives going?


(this is my 500th post!!)



I usually really like a song for about a week and then I find new ones

Anyways, I recently started using the Apple Music 3 month-trial and it’s SO GOOD

I know a lot of people like spotify but I can’t seem to find my way around spotify.


Sometimes when I’m painting and stuff, I like to play the “recommended songs” list on Apple Music and I find a lot of good songs on there 🙂

Disclaimer: Generally, I don’t search up or really listen to the lyrics of songs, I mostly listen for the tune so if there’s a song with strange lyrics I am most likely not aware of it.

Also I’m not a very musical person, like I couldn’t tell the difference between pop/alternative/indie/rock and other genres until a month ago (still can’t really tell the difference)

This is a really good song

I found this song on the Music app and I searched them up on youtube and they only have 94 subscribers??? whaatt

The 4 songs that Far Places has made are all really good

Camila’s first solo song 😀 (i think)

It’s really good, I listened to it on repeat for about a week, and I still listen to it now

Honestly all of the Brood’s Conscious album songs are really good, I just didn’t want to post every single song in their album on here, so here’s my favorite song 🙂

Here’s a link to their album

I never really liked one direction songs very much but THIS SONG IS SO GOOD

The genre is “soft-rock”, so it’s quite different from one direction songs.

Another good song from his album is Two Ghosts

Not that 1D songs were terrible, but in my opinion, their solo songs are so much better- including Zayn and Niall’s solo songs (speaking of which, Slow Hands is a pretty good song too)

This was the first Halsey song I ever listened to and it’s so goodddddd

I like how every song she tells a story and they’re all really unique stories

also her voice is amazing- I’ve heard her live vocals are not that good but I just like how smooth and “ethereal” her voice sounds

Another Halsey song worthy of having it’s video on this post 🙂


The tune itself isn’t all that good, but I just really like Halsey and Lauren’s voices together

Also the pronouns in this song- very diverse

Other really good songs in her album include Angel on Fire, Sorry, Hopeless ft. Cashmere Cat

My teacher plays this song during workblocks and ITS SO GOOD AFSJBIHE

This is another really chill song, and it’s really good 😀

Not really sure how everyone knows Sabrina Carpenter (is she from a movie or smth?)

but her songs are really good and she has a nice voice 🙂

This songs kinda weird but it’s pretty good and I keep going back to this song

Honestly I can’t understand anything she’s saying in this song but it’s really good and the tune is nice and it’s always stuck in my head

There was an ad for this song on youtube and I listened to the full song and it’s actually quite good and Vanessa Hudgens sings here and high school musical memories y’know

That’s all I have for this post

And to bless your day

Here’s a hilarious video

I'm still laughing 😂 Follow me @dscvrm for more 😘 Tag a friend 👇 via: @arron_crascall #dscvrm #funnyvideos

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Studying Tips!

I have a week of final exams starting tomorrow and I’m still reviewing term 1 of science…..

I should be studying right now but I’m procrastinating 

Also, this is more for like long-term studying, so if you plan to spend an entire day studying this is for you.



Open your window- let the fresh air come in because fresh air is good for you and you can think better in an environment that isn’t stuffy. 

Also if you live in a quieter place, it’s nice to have some natural background noise while studying.


Set your work space.

Personally, I can’t study in a messy environment so I have to clean up my ENTIRE room before I can start, or I can’t think.

It’s also good to have a glass of water or a drink of your choice on hand so you don’t have to interrupt your studying and go and get water.


Wind down and relax. Take a shower, wash your face and get all your ~problems~ or discomfort out of the way. I like to wear comfy clothes to study so I don’t have any added stress ontop of studying.

But don’t be too comfy or you might fall asleep!

TIP 4 

Get or use a bunch of really colourful highlighters and pens and colour code EVERYTHING

It helps to have a little legend on the side to organize your colours. For example,

Red- Vocabulary Terms

Green- important points

Blue- for titles and subtitles 

Maybe it’s just me but this makes studying more fun

TIP 5 

This is more for people who study by making study sheets like me- when you’re copying down things, say it over and over in your head while you’re doing it to help yourself memorize it.

TIP 6 

Quiz yourself!

Learning from mistakes is one of the best ways to learn and memorize things.


Spray a perfume or a scent you wouldn’t normally smell. And then on exam/test day, spray it in yourself.

This helps you remember facts from when you were studying.


Work in a BRIGHT, well-lit room.

If it’s possible, open your blinds so that sunlight can pour in! Unless you live where I live and it rains every day.

Your environment and the amount of light in your room greatly affects your mood.


If you’re in a time crunch and you study well by reading, Times New Roman is proven to be the easiest font to read. 

TIP 10

If you need help understanding a concept, watch a crash course video!

The guy who talks is John Green’s brother and all the information is really informative and it’s FAST (which helps if you need to relearn a whole years worth of science like me)

You might find that these videos explain things better in 10 minutes than your teacher does in a whole term!

TIP 11

Teach someone! 

Pretend you’re a teacher and teach someone everything or maybe even film a crash course video yourself. This helps you apply your knowledge and helps you memorize way better.

TIP 12

Take breaks! But efficiently.

Take breaks once your finished a certain topic and not halfway through so that you can remember it as a whole. 

Also, don’t just go on your phone during your break- take a walk! Ride your bike or something and excercise so you can get your brain moving.

TIP 13 

Use a mnemonic!

What is a mnemonic, you ask?

It’s a word or phrase you memorize to help you memorize stuff (I know, great explanation)

For example,

ROY G BIV helps you remember the order of the rainbow.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Here’s a mnemonic generator so you can type in the letters you need to remember, and it helps you generate a sentence

TIP 14

Before you let yourself sleep at night and while you’re laying in your bed, quiz yourself briefly on what you’ve studied that day.

What’s a nucleus?

What goes on during anaphase?

Studies have shown that this actually helps you remember things better.

BUT this does not mean studying at 3AM in the morning before you sleep helps, because you’ll be too tired to remember any concepts. This means that before you sleep at a good time (preferably before 11:30), reviewing what you’ve studied helps you lock in all those facts


Hopefully these tips help.

For those of you with exams, good luck!!!

Also, don’t procrastinate like me right now. 


Song Recommendations + Covers


Yikes no post in a while but at least summer’s coming soon so tons of posts!

Most of these will probably Madilyn Bailey and Jasmine Thompson just because I’m doing a marathon of their videos right now.

This is a song she wrote and I love it! It sounds so good and she had a bunch of youtubers lip syncing it for this lyric video 😀

This cover is one of my favourites by her and deserves more views!

Her most recent cover that she did for a contest and sounds a bit better than the original 😛

Jasmine’s Wonderland album sounds so nice but here’s my favourite song from it! Plus she’s only 16 so she’s amazing for her age!


I love how her voice makes all songs sound sad or soft ❤

When do you guys get off school? I’m already seeing people on Instagram getting off like I STILL HAVE A MONTH SO



School Life Hack

It’s very possible that this “life hack” is already commonly used and I just suck at life

Have you ever struggled remembering math formulas before an exam?

Have you ever spent 10 minutes flipping around your book for a phrase or a formula?

Well forget no more!

If you have a math (or any subject) workbook, simply look at the front or the back pages of the book and you should find a blank page somewhere


There, you can write any key notes, errors you commonly make, or any formulas.

That way, you don’t have to flip around your book everytime you’re studying, especially when it comes to finals, where you have to study everything 🙂 18575265_1558940340782732_1107242929_o

What if you don’t have a workbook?

You can use painter’s tape and tape a blank page behind your textbook cover. Make sure to use painter’s tape or a light tape so that it doesn’t peel the paper


You can buy those giant sticky notes and stick it to the front or back of your book


You can just write in pencil (not too hard) and erase it at the end of the year 🙂


Life Update pt. 2

so my laptop has ressurected

I’m not sure what happened but now I don’t have to use my mom’s laggy laptop anymore :))

this laptop is still probably pretty unstable and might die again but idkkkk I’ll deal with that problem when it comes

As for now, I should probably start backing up all my files that I care about before they’re all gone…again