What is Gifthulk?

Gifthulk is a site that allows you to earn free gifts (such as game cards, gift cards to various different companies and much more) through filling out surveys, watching videos, playing games and much more. There is a currency called Hulk Coins in which you trade them for your prizes.
Sounds easy? It sure is!

Join Here!

Click here to join, or go to the website and enter my invite code FT561099. <- use this to start off with an extra 250 Hulk Coins!
To enter the invite code, go to your dashboard and at the top right corner, you can enter the code.

Earning Hulk Coins

1) Guess the Card
Guess the Card

You guess the card, the rank (A, 2-10, J, Q, K), or the suit (♥♦♣♠). Guessing correctly lets you earn Hulk Coins! (yes, it’s that easy!)
As seen on the side, it’s also possible to win 100 HC by having a Joker show up. Also, you could win a temporary earning boost while completely offers, or a Fountain on Youth Code (will be explained – keep reading!)

2) Fountain of Youth

You enter a code that you find, and earn anywhere between 10-50 HC. These codes could be from the deck (guess the card), from your friends, or you may have found it online somewhere.

3) Check in at Surveys 2
Surveys 2
Check in (click the orange button) once every 24 hours to get 5 HC 😀

4) Gifthulk Search

Search up something (like you would on google) once every hour for 4 HC 😀

5) Gifthulk TV

Check everyday to see if there are videos for you to watch. By watching the videos, you get HC. After watching 5 videos, you get 25 extra HCs!

6) Apps

If you have some extra time on your hands, and you have your own device, download these games, play them for a while and you can receive lots of HCs!

7) Offer Walls, EZ Coins

Here are the surveys you can fill out to receive HCs. They are quick (under 10 minutes for the most part) and easy!

That’s about it. If you want to get membership or gold on fantage, here’s a way to do it. Keep in mind it does take a while to earn $10, but it’s free in the end, so that’s still amazing! 😀
I found that this was the only site that offered Karma Koin (which is what I would use to get membership/gold on fantage), so I highly recommend using this site over other sites!