Fantage Glitches and Cheats

How To Fly:

1) Click where you want to fly to.


2) Enlarge the screen.


3) Click where you clicked the first time with the enlarged screen.


4) Now make the screen small again.


5) Click that same spot once more and you should be flying!



If it doesn’t work, keep enlarging/minimizing the screen.


It works anywhere!

How to get free membership:
Get 1,000,000 (1 million) points in a game and you will get membership for 24 hours!
→ Haven’t tried it, saw it somewhere else before

Secret Place in the Grotto

(Video includes secret place at lighthouse)

First, go to the grotto
Look for the 3 symbols
The symbols are on the candles; click the candles in the order that is shown above the arc
The boat will unlock

Click on the boat and have a good ride!


27 thoughts on “Fantage Glitches and Cheats

    • ♥§♥fairycari♥§♥ says:

      well I’ve seen this on other blogs and my friend said she’s gotten it before but I’m not 100% sure
      and it’s like impossible to get 1 million points in a game – I’ve tried


    • hannah montanah says:

      the website i think it is fake coz i tried and entered to have the gift certificate but i still dont have… 😦


  1. nancydog6 says:

    Oh, I Googled it up and there was only ONE other blog that has this….she recommends Jelly Fishing. And she’s tried it before, and it worked!


  2. Rebecca says:

    There’s a secret place like that in the lighthouse too, on the sign it has a circle, diamond, and star, then on the dock’s poles there are those shapes, the bush’ll move and reveal an elevator, you;ll go in and end up in Frankenstein lab!

    I swear it works!


    • ♥ fairycari ♥ says:

      I’m not 100% sure
      I saw this somewhere else (not sure where) but they said it worked, though 1 million points is just about impossible anyway


    • happy aka FREINDS WITH TOOCIE says:

      well you have to be almost full then too much people add you and you accept them all i hate when i do that but i need to add somebody so i have to delete the exstras


    • Kaizelle says:

      i know how! Just delete 2 random ppl. make sure those 2 are with u. and if u have other people adding u, let them, but don’t request it yet. after they add u, add them. then u can get 200+ buddies! This worked for me. i have 258.


  3. Alexia89531 says:

    Fairycari can you make me on FreeFantageStuff an account and do points for my account please. I cant do it sorry. Please if you can do to 30 points and then reedem the 1 year membership prize. If no i understand because i know no one will help me get what i want. But if you can please do it. Thx.


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