Fantage Fashion

Spring(ish) outfits
Spring Non Members
All items can be purchased from Le Shop or Stellar Salon
The board was from when the bingo event was released

Hair is from Orions Rare Finds, all other clothing items are from shops

Me 11

Hair is from Orions Rare Finds
Clothing is from Le Shop
Scarf is a limited item
Board was from…idk
Shoes were from a long time ago in Le Shop

Very Hard:

Hair is limited
Outfit is from…idk
Shoes are rare
Board is limited




3 thoughts on “Fantage Fashion

  1. ilikecupcake says:

    The piano looking board is from mymall or vintage gold or trade n sell. The purple sparkling dress is from vintage gold or mymall. Its called fancy violet dress


  2. fluffypuffypuff says:

    Piano board: retired item (board shop)
    Fancy violet dress: forgot ^^
    Brown Basketball hair: from an Admin event so it’s not a Trendsetter item.
    Btw, I like your 4th set. xD


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