Fantage Edit Packs

Hey guys!

So I have worked really hard and I finally made these edit packs for you guys! Please credit this blog for the edit pack (not the hairs because fantage made them). 😀


outfit packs


If you have any requests for edit packs (any hairs, outfits shoes etc.), please tell me in the comments below 😀


10 thoughts on “Fantage Edit Packs

  1. Fantage Fairy Fan says:

    The 3rd and last one of the second row aren’t really “made” from Fantage. Someone “made” it by mixing hairs into one


    • ♥ fairycari ♥ says:

      the 3rd hair in second row is actually from the fantage easter event 2015 called two-tone hair
      the last one in that row is the pink streak from an event a long time ago
      its not an edited hair 😛


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