Drawing Braids

I have used a lot of braids in my edits, for example;

fantage braid page and fantage braid page

and fantage doesn’t really give you a lot of different styles of braids to work with. If you use paint to edit, like me, you can’t really rotate a fantage braid so that it fits perfectly onto your edit, so I thought I would show you guys how to draw them 🙂



Take the eraser tool and erase the hair until you only have the base left (or the head part)

fantage stepsfantage steps




Use the eyedropper tool and place all the colors in your hair from lightest to darkest, or vice versa.

fantage braid page



Take the hair and put it on a mannequin or head to see where you want your braid

fantage braid page



Take the darkest shade of color and start drawing rounded triangles like this-

fantage braid page



Start making it smaller as you go to the end of the braid.

It should seem kind of confusing where the braid is, so take the fill bucket and fill in the braids with white first.

It may look really weird and nothing like a braid right now, but it will look better after you add color.


Take the second darkest shade of color from your color pallette thing on the side.

fantage steps


and then start adding it to the EDGES of your braid

fantage steps

If you have a lot of different shades of color, add less. If you only have 2 or 3, (but most hairs don’t have this less) add more.


Do the same thing as step 5, but instead of the second darkest color, pick the 3rd darkest, and so on. Keep making your way to the center of the braid.

fantage braid page


fantage steps


Now, you can make a tail for the braid, by simply drawing a shape like this.

fantage steps

It doesn’t look good by itself, so you might want to add a bow or a hair tie

fantage steps

You can do what I did (draw your own bow or hairtie) or take one from another hair, and add it on 😀


And now you are done!

fantage braid page

If you are making a braided hair, try using a hair with more “texture” like this one-

fantage steps


It will make your braid look a lot better, with the style of drawing braids used here ^^^


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