What are admins?
an admin is a person who works at fantage but also plays on fantage

they have a star above their head that says admin- thats how you can recognize them
Admin 2Admin 3Admin 4
AdminAdmin 6
Admin 5

Admin 3


13 thoughts on “Admins

    • ♥ fairycari ♥ says:

      once you work at fantage, you will have a lot more to work on rather than going on fantage and talking to other players. going on fantage means you have extra time on your hands and that you’ve finished your work (from what I have heard)


    • ♥ fairycari ♥ says:

      I don’t know much about working at fantage, so you can check out this page and see if you really want to work there. I think they would only accept jobs from people graduated from college/university to work there
      taken from the website, here are what they are looking for
      →BA in Graphic Illustration/Visual Communication Art
      →Experience with design software (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator a must, knowledge in Adobe Flash Illustration and animation a plus.)
      →A good understanding of UI, visual design, and user experience principles.
      →Several years of graphic illustration experience.
      →Excellent organizational, analytical, and collaboration skills
      →Ability to work quickly while maintaining a high level of quality
      →Possess an extremely high attention to detail – with pixel-accurate designs and the ability to create consistent, efficient designs.

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  1. catdroolz says:

    im so glad they created fantage. They came up with so much ideas for this game and i like it and someday i am going to make fantage better. I am only 11 but i still have some ideas with fantage

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