DIY Whiteboard Homework Board

This is kind of an add on to my “DIY Whiteboard Organizer” post.

Basically to make a homework board, place a sheet of paper (blank or you could write “homework” like I did or something else) in a clear sheet protector.

Next, fold down or cut the part that has the 3 holes in it.

Lastly, tape it to your wall and you’re done!

It’s easier having this than a whole picture frame (like how some people have it) or a mini whiteboard.



DIYcrafts- Whiteboard Organizer


Clear Sheet Protector

Printer Paper (coloured or blank)

Whiteboard marker


Simply place the paper into the sheet protector and you’re done!

If you want to make more permanent lines to divide the days of the week, etc. You can use a whiteboard marker that’s wet erase, or some tape. You can also use a permanent marker , but that’s permanent.

This is really helpful because it’s erasable and you can keep it in the front of your binder to keep you reminded.


DIYcrafts- Notebook Cover Ideas + Tips

This post took me so long to make

Base Cover-

Most notebooks don’t have a blank cover for you to draw on.

  • To make a blank white cover, cut out a piece of paper (printer paper works, card stock may be a bit thick though) that’s the size of your notebook’s cover.
  • Glue on w/ some modge podge or glue (honestly, I can’t tell the difference between the two)

1.  Bohemian Inspired Notebook

  • Using a ruler, draw lines horizontally across the notebook cover
  • Pick a colour palette (I used purple, blue, turquoise, pink and orange in an attempt for a bohemian kind of look)
  • Fill in the space between the lines
  • Draw vertical lines in between the horizontal lines.
  • You can use a ruler, but I like the messy look

You can always colour after drawing everything, but if you use colour pencils, crayons or pastels, they go right over the lines, making the lines really dull.

2. Triangles

  • Start out by drawing several triangles in random places on the cover
  • Draw more triangles to connect them
  • Try to make it not so symmetrical
  • Use various sizes of triangles

You can colour in the triangles but I like the black and white look 🙂

3. Nail Polish Colour Block Design

  • Draw a line anywhere on the page. You can make it thicker if you want
  • Take nail polish and paint it on one side of the line (or you could just use markers/pencil crayons etc.)

Using a metallic colour on one side can make it look more sophisticated, but a regular colour makes it look more fun 🙂

The nail polish makes it look a bit shinier. Also, the surface is really smooth and it feels really cool

5. Quotes and Sayings

  • Using different fonts, write a bunch of your favourite quotes and sayings. Or you could just write one, like the picture.
  • If you have a favourite band/ artist, you can list all their songs/ albums with some fancy lettering for each song

It’s basically a bunch of quote arts mashed together

6. Colors and Lines

  • Start off by drawing messy lines horizontally and vertically across the page.
    Next color in some blocks messily. I recommend using a highlighter/ marker
    Use the edge of a sharpie (hold it at a slant when using it) and draw some rough lines along the lines already there.

You can make it neater, but it won’t look as nice :/

7. Arrows

(sorry the picture’s so blue)

Basically, draw a bunch of arrows going left or right

Here are some arrow designs you can use:


8. Graffiti Inspired Notebook

  • Cut up a sponge
  • Dip it in some paint
  • Dab all over the page

I don’t have coloured  printer paper, but if you have black coloured paper and some neon paint, that would look really nice- a lot nicer than white paper.

9. Repeated Quotes

I used cardstock on this one, and it’s really thick :/ maybe stick to printer paper.

  • Find a short quote that you like and repeat it over and over again.

You can just keep it that way, or you can take a metallic/ bright color and write the quote once, like shown above.

10. Tribal Inspired Print
Repeat a few patterns over and over. I used coral, white and black.

11. Ombre Triangles

Once again, this would look a lot better with a coloured background but I don’t have coloured paper :/

  • Draw a bunch of random triangles all over the page
  • Fill them in to make an ombre (darker at the top, lighter at the bottom or vice versa

12. Paint Sample Triangles

I took some paint samples at the hardware store and cut them into triangles.

Notebook Tips

Here are a few divider ideas to put in your notebook:

In many life hack youtube videos, they tell you to use a highlighter and color the top of a notebook to help you identify it easier. This is a good life hack, but then you’d have to remember the colors


You can simply write the name of the subject on the top. It may leak slightly into your notebook, but you can barely notice it.


DIYcrafts- Binder Folder/ Organizer

This is a super simple DIY- I tried to use some things you might have in your home- spare envelopes, cardstock (maybe you have some stocked up for school projects?), glue, tape.

The one thing I did that required something that you would not be able to find in most homes is cover my base in chalkboard paint. It’s perfectly fine and looks really nice too, if you don’t use chalkboard paint.

The video was a bit fast so you’re going to have to pause it, if you are making it.

Yeah I know, the thumbnail is messed up.

I tried to do this in video form, but it’s not very high quality :/ let me know whether you prefer a post DIY or a video DIY by voting in this poll 😀


DIYcrafts- Accordian Folder Divider

No cringe-worthy title today 😦

So you know those things? ^^

Accordian Folders- usually found at the front of a binder or like this

Do you ever feel the need to divide one slot? or just don’t have enough slots like me :/

Well if you ever need an extra slot, here’s how to make a divider. You can also make normal binder subject divider out of these- just use a hole punch and add 3 holes.

Materials Needed

  • Modge Podge (Glue works well too)
  • Cardstock (A color you like)
  • Decorative Paper
  • A ruler
  • Scissors/ exacto- knife (i don’t even know how to spell it anymore thanks to the lego movie)
  • A pencil/ pen or something that makes a mark (you can even use a chalk rock)

And that’s it! Most of these you should find in a normal household (unless you’re like fairycari with no art supplies whatsoever xD lol jk)

Step 1

Find something that fits into your accordian folder. It’s even better if it sticks out a little.

Step 2

Grab your ruler and your pencil and outline the thing that fits into your accordian folder (in my case, a notebook).

Step 3

Cut it out.

Step 4

Cut your decorative paper to the same size as your cardstock and glue both pieces together with some modge podge or glue.


You can stick two pieces of washi tape together, to create a little tag/ label for your divider.

And you’re done! Now you have your own unique (YOUnique lol) accordian folder divider.

Or you could just buy another one but why buy another one when you can save money and create a beYOUtiful and YOUnique one?

~gravycf ⚓

DIYcrafts- YOUniqify Your Notebook!

These titles are getting better and better! (jk they make me cringe) YOUniqify. beYOUtify. What should I do next?

This DIY is so straightforward I don’t need an explanation- it’s just a fun, unique way to decorate your notebook! or folder! or binder!

Literally just stick some tapes in a geometrical design like that ^

Fold it over the back,

And you’re done!


BeYOUtify Your Pencil Case

“BeYOUtify” lol I couldn’t think of any better title ideas so

Anyways, in this post, Im gonna be showing you a couple ways to “beYOUtify” or make your pencil case more unique, or stand out from the rest 🙂

So here are the contents of my pencil case. Pretty average.


Ok maybe its a bit overboard, but I’m prepared xD

And here’s how I “beYOUtified” contents





IMG_9170 IMG_9171

I just so happen to have a washi tape for every color of my highlighters


So yeah, I literally stuck washi tape on everything. But this is a great way to label your stuff, and what are the chances of another classmate buying the exact same washi tape as you? There are so many different patterns.


DIYcrafts BTS Unique Wooden Pencil

Its back to school season and Pinterest is FLOODING with back to school DIY’s, hacks and more. But the thing is- they are all pretty much the same thing.

And let’s admit- every Beauty/DIY guru youtuber makes a video on “Unique and Easy BTS DIYs” and they all make the washi tape pencil.

It’s a good idea- just VERY overused

So here’s how to make a wooden pencil! I’m not saying it was my own original idea and I was the first to come up with this but I don’t see this around much so :/

Basically take an old pencil with an ugly design and shave off thin layers

What I did was add gold details to make it look nicer

It’s as simple as that! And it doesn’t waste a whole bunch of tape.

The only problem is that the pencil is usually turns out quite thin, but once you get the hang of shaving the wood, you can cut thinner slices.