DIYcrafts- Polaroid Display + Interactive Video

Quick explanation of this post and video-

So basically, this is a video DIY post, but instead of just watching the entire video, at the start of the video, you can choose to view Step 1, or Step 2, etc.

The steps written under the video, but the video is just if you need some help and want to view it, or if you just want to try out the interactive part 😛

If you’re viewing on a phone, it may be a little confusing, but the video still works- you just have to watch it all the way through.

Supplies Needed :

(the photos are blurred for privacy reasons :P)


(I forgot to speed up step 3 sorry)
1. Measure out how long you want the twine to be, to hang the display. Tie the ends to the wooden dowel.

2. Cut out pieces of twine (All the same length) and start tying it to the wooden dowel.

3. Tape the polaroids to the twine. (You can also use hot glue, but tape is a more temporary thing, so that you can switch the polaroids)

End Result:

I don’t have enough polaroids to complete the whole thing :/ sorry


You can hang string lights across the wooden dowel and it would look really nice.

I don’t have a polaroid camera, but I have a polaroid printer, which in my opinion is much better, because it prints photos from your phone. If you take a picture from polaroid camera, there’s a high chance that the exposure would be too high, etc. and you’d ruin the photo and waste a dollar.

^random tip if you are thinking of buying a polaroid camera



DIYcrafts-Black and White Wall Art

I just cleaned my entire room and I can actually locate my art supplies now, so you can expect more frequent DIYcrafts 🙂

In this DIYcrafts, I’m moreso showing you the different drawings in the wall art than the actual thing, because it’s quite self- explanatory.

**disclaimer: none of these prints/ drawings are my own original work- I copied off pinterest and google images because I cannot draw 😛

You’ll need:
-Black Marker/ Sharpie/ Black Pencil Crayon

-Regular Printer Paper or whatever paper you have

-Photo Frames

BEFORE YOU START- Make sure your paper fits in the frame (if you’re using a frame)

Urban Outfitters Inspired Eye Print

This print is inspired by the Urban Outfitters ‘Evil Eye’ 

  1. Sketch out one eye to practice first or use as a template *note: there are 5 eyelashes on the top and 5 on the bottom
  2. draw them on at random or in precise locations

You can go two ways with this- neat or messy.

I went with the messy way, hence the random locations and messy, different sized eyes

If you feel the need for the eyes to be in a row, in a precise location, go ahead and do that

Peter Buchman Inspired Wall Art

 (Click on the picture to see the original artwork)

  1. Crumple up a piece of paper
  2. Smooth it down so the surface is relatively flat
  3. Write “Just another thing
    Hanging over your head”
    “Just another thing
    Hanging on the wall”
    The paper doesn’t look that crumpled in the picture :/

Moon and Sun Art

 (Click on the picture to see the original artwork)

My favourite one tbh

This one’s quite simple- copy the drawing!


And if you plan to make this, you can do whatever you want- these are just three ideas 🙂

P.S. If I made a Fantage/ Art Instagram, would you guys check it and follow?
I would post more self explanatory DIYs that I’ve made that aren’t long enough or worthy to be in a post
I’ll put instructions in the caption
And I would post more frequently on there than I would make a post for a DIYcraft

(If you don’t have instagram, you can still see the pics because the account is public and you can view it from google searching my user)


DIYcrafts- Easy Watercolour Wall Art

This is super easy, if you have all the materials!

Materials Needed:


White/ Black/ Colour of your choice paint


(Optional) White Oil Pastel


1. Using your oil pastel, write out a quote/ draw something. This makes it easier to paint and find where you quote is but this is sort of unnessecary, so feel free to skip this!

2. Mix some watercolours and make strokes across the paper. I like to paint it so it doesn’t quite meet the end of the paper, so it has a bit of a messy look.

3. Using your paint, paint on your quote once again.

And you’re done!


If you pressed down with your oil pastel hard enough, you might not even need to paint over the quote, because the watercolours won’t go on the oil pastel.

However, this does not always turn out well, so you can just touch it up by painting ontop.

The quote I chose is “Qui Vivra Verra” (french).

It means “He who lives, sees”. I found it sort of interesting, so I used it for my quote.



DIYcrafts- Room decor with rocks


Anyways, this DIY is really awesome because it’s really customizable. You don’t need to use gold paint- you can substitute it with any color, or even a marker of your choice.

The last 30 seconds of the video is just me trying to get an artsy shot of some rocks 😛 go ahead and skip it, if you want

It’s Friday and I have no homework for once!! You should expect some “Everyday Moments Captured in 1 Video” posts 😀


DIYcrafts- Quote Wall


I recently started doing this and I love it already.



This one, anyone can recreate.

You just need paper. I used index cards, because they are sturdier, but regular paper works too.


Write an uplifting quote on it, and use some washi tape to stick it on the wall.



If you have gold highlighted tape, that works really nicely too.

If you don’t have washi tape, you can use regular tape, but make it less sticky by taping it to a piece of fabric (your shirt) and peeling it off a couple of times. 

This diy is so nice. Maybe you don’t have the time to sit and read the quotes, but writing the quotes and finding quotes sort of uplifts you.


DIY Inspiration- Chalkboard Bookshelf

This DIY is so straightforward, it doesn’t even need a tutorial.

I took some chalkboard paint and painted it ontop of my bookshelf.

Basically, just follow the instructions on the back of your paint. Or if you’re lazy, just buy a chalkboard paper with an adhesive in the back 🙂

IMAG0005[1] IMAG0006[1]

If you aren’t very crafty and you don’t want to go and buy a bottle of chalkboard paint, the chalkboard paper is probably your best option.

There aren’t any targets where I live, but I heard that target sells chalkboard paper that’s at a decent price. Also, your local craftstore should have some sort of chalkboard paper 🙂



Buying some gold paint can help you revamp so many things, and make them look nice, and expensive.

I got mine for $1.60. I got the Multi Surface Premium Metallic Acrylic Paint in Gold.


For some reason, the multi surface one was cheaper than the regular one..

I bought the bottle yesterday and painted a whole bunch of stuff, and I still have 2/3 of the bottle left.

Here are some examples of how gold paint can revamp some simple things that yu would’ve never thought looked good in gold.


For the paper organizer thing, I didn’t paint it fully to give it sort of a rustic look.


Tip -Don’t place something gold next to something gold like I did above ^ or its not gonna look good. I just realized that after taking the picture xD



Normally, I don’t like doing anything too permanent to my stuff, so that’s why I couldn’t personally show you guys how to do this DIY.

But this youtube channel- The Sorry Girls- does an incredible DIY. Marble tables can change the whole look of a room, and turn it from any old room to a modern looking room. But marble isn’t always the cheapest.

Their youtube channel has all sorts of super unique (YOUnique lol) DIYs that you should definitely try.



I realized I should’ve done this post before my pencil jar post, but oh well :/

The first step of creating a tumblr desk is to have a desk. Everyone should have some sort of desk right? Whether it be a folded desk, wooden desk, a bureau, a tambour, roll- top, kneehole (want a video on desks?). The desk is your blank canvas.

I started off by wiping my desk with a “magic eraser” and a wet paper towel to rid it of dust, eraser bits, and any dirty spots that have formed over the years.

I then gathered all my “tumblr” stuff (a.k.a. I stole a bunch of pretty looking things from all over the house).


As you can see, I don’t have many. But any vintage looking, bohemian decors that you might have lying around works! Or, if you don’t want to be tumblr, just be yourself, and pick what you like. For example, I like foxes. As you can see (later) I have a bunch of fox related decor that I placed on my desk.

I tried to keep the general theme of my desk when I found those “tumblr” items.

Here are some decorating ideas to get you inspired!

IMG_9482[1] IMG_9483[1]

Stacking some pretty or vintage looking books ontop of one another and placing a decor ontop looks very tumblr, and also very nice. Unfortunately, the only pretty looking books I had were pink- it didn’t fit my theme :/


Layering a bunch of themed decorations can look really nice.


Taking a pretty (my vocabulary is so vast in this post lol “pretty” “pretty”) tray and filling it with any miscellaneous items on your desk can make them look nice and fit in.



Quick Update- This post was scheduled, and I made it right after my announcment post about this series, so I couldn’t think of a creative name for these posts. I’ve seen some really great ones so far like “gravysode, lifesode” (thanks YUKI-CHAN♥ KITKATCARROT for commenting) and those are really awesome, but I wanted to see what ideas the rest of you guys had, because this blog wouldn’t be as fun if it weren’t interactive! So tell me your ideas in the comments 😀 Or maybe I just won’t call it anything

By the way, I promise you guys won’t be getting lame posts like “color scheme”. You guys are going to get DIY posts! I like making DIY posts a lot more than making color scheme posts like this.


This is very important when it comes to decorating you desk, or even your room! It’s good to pick two colors that compliment eachother, so that everything matches. Here are some examples of color schemes you can do.

 White and Gold

 Green and White

 Pastel Colors

 Purple and Blue

You can even combine your two favorite colors, or combine your favorite color with white or black.

Obviously you can do one color, or as many as you like! It’s just a good idea to have some sort of theme in your room.

The theme of my room is ocean/ blue/ green, but I’m going to be doing a blue/green themed desk with gold accents 😀