Flatlays are one of my favourite types of pictures to take. They’re taken from above and usually have a bunch of objects on a white background. For example:







Edited with Airbrush and VSCO


Edited with Airbrush and VSCO




Edited with Facetune 2 and VSCO


I use Airbrush and Facetune 2 for whitening and VSCO for the rest of the editing so they match my Instagram theme. (HB 1 +12, exposure +1, saturation +1, and some sharpening if needed)



Some rushed photography

I was scouting out a location that I wanted to use for the video project I mentioned in my last post, and I took a few pictures for the purposes of remembering the places so we could go again when we actually went there to shoot the video, but here are some of the pictures that showed the beauty of nature and how everything is so aesthetic even if you don’t put a huge amount of effort to compose a picture

(see the light where it shines on the sea, it’s bliiiindinggggg) (it actually was very blinding) (my camera couldn’t adjust to the brightness of the sun, but the view here was so pretty)

All pictures taken on Redmi HM 1S, unedited

Also, any suggestions for a good photo editor for beginners? I always wanted to stick with no editing for the longest time until I realized editing your pictures could enhance it so much further so I’d like to start as soon as I find a good editor that is fairly simple to use.



(Pictures were taken in a moving car again ;-; )
All pictures taken on Redme HM 1S, unedited

It snowed again, and the sunrise was super pretty, which made for an amazing scenery

pleasepleaseplease be a snow day tomorrow, I really don’t feel like going to school 🙂


The Street to School

(blurry pictures ’cause I was in a moving car but I was amazed by the sunrise and wanted to take a picture and show y’alls 🙂 )

Pictures taken on a Redmi HM 1s

How long does it take you to get to school from your house?
I take around 10 mins 🙂


~A FAIRY CHRISTMAS 2016~ DAY 7 {Christmas Photography}

Us three bloggers, Fairycari, Briar4ever6, and Gravycf are very different.
But one thing we share is our love for taking photos! Here are some of our favourite winter shots and maybe some tips 🙂


My brother threw some snowballs at the window and I thought it looked cool haha_mg_5062_mg_5063_mg_5057

Taken with: Canon EOS 5D


So I’m going to show you how you can edit your pictures to look “wintery” or “Christmassy” using picmonkey, an editing site!

So first, get your picture. Mine’s going to be this one:

Then, press the little snowflake on the near bottom left side that has themes. If you press the winter theme, you can add snowfall, chill, and frost for an effect. So I added some of those and some overlays from the same theme to create this:

Screenshot 2016-12-19 17.40.28.png


Dang it I already posted most of my winter pictures
(here’s the link to the first one, and the second one)

(^currently my lock screen for my phone [obviously cropped tho])




all pictures taken on Redmi HM 1S, unedited

(this tree outside my house is decorated nicer than my Christmas tree lol thanks neighbours)

still waiting for a snowstorm so I can skip school for once and sleep in :))

~(fairycari) (dw I’m still thinking of a new name and I’ll have it soon)

Blue Skies, Scenic Clouds, Sunrises and Sunsets

There’s something about the beautiful colours of the sky, especially during sunrise and sunset that I absolutely love. The artistry of the Creator to put together the brilliant colours of the sunrise and the soft, pastel colours of the sunset. In the city, it’s difficult to be able to enjoy these magnificent sights to the fullest, with hundreds of buildings in the way of the sun, but the colours are still noticeable, the patterns of the clouds still beautiful.

(last 3 pictures were taken in a car – wishing I could have gotten a clearer picture)

All pictures taken on Redmi HM 1S, unedited

Also, does anyone have an good DSLR camera recommendations to use as a hobby, not professionally, but also pretty affordable?



So I’m taking photography as an elective this year, and even though we barely learn ANYTHING during the class, I get 80 minutes to just take pictures, which is really fun. Here’s some of my favourites ❤


All pictures taken on a Redmi HM 1 S, unedited

If you’re wondering about the randomness of these pictures, they were all taken on my school grounds, and there’s only so many things you can take pictures of so you gotta make the best of what you have :PP

hoping to learn how to take nice pictures of people instead of just inanimate objects