DIYcrafts- blackout poetry art

It’s a very self-explanatory project but I’m extra so I made a whole video 😛

If you have an old book lying around, you can rip out a page and highlight key words or phrases to make sort of a poem

Here are some examples 🙂

Image result for blackout poetry artImage result for blackout poetry art

Image result for blackout poetry artImage result for blackout poetry art



DIY Whiteboard Homework Board

This is kind of an add on to my “DIY Whiteboard Organizer” post.

Basically to make a homework board, place a sheet of paper (blank or you could write “homework” like I did or something else) in a clear sheet protector.

Next, fold down or cut the part that has the 3 holes in it.

Lastly, tape it to your wall and you’re done!

It’s easier having this than a whole picture frame (like how some people have it) or a mini whiteboard.


DIYcrafts- Polymer Clay Starter Pack // What to buy

Maybe you’re interested in doing polymer clay crafts but have no idea what to buy. Here’s an idea of what you might need to start out, so you don’t end up buying things you don’t need 🙂

The world of poylmer clay is confusing but hopefully this post will help you out

Types of Clay/ Brands

*First of all, note that polymer clay and modelling clay are two completely different things. Polymer clay hardens after being oven baked, but modelling clay does not harden. The two look alike, so be sure to check the package before purchasing.

Image result for brands of polymer clay

Polymer clay can get very pricey but it all depends on what you’re willing to pay.

The two brands that I get and reccomend are Scupley and FIMO (soft). FIMO is usually about a dollar more expensive than Sculpey, for the same amount of clay.

The difference?

When you use polymer clay, to start out the clay is very hard and you have to knead it a LOT in order for it to be shapeable. FIMO soft clay is soft to start with. Once you’ve kneaded the Sculpey clay until it’s soft, I don’t notice any difference between the quality.

I also used to use Craft Smart clay-

Image result for craft smart polymer clay

It’s really great to start out with, while you are still unsure if you want to keep working with polymer clay. However, I’ve noticed the clay is a bit dry sometimes and it crumbles/ cracks sometimes when shaping.

I would reccomend getting a pack of different colors

Image result for polymer clay set

Something like this, but maybe smaller, to start out with. Buying a bunch of individual colors isn’t worth it to start out, because the packs are quite big and you might just stop creating with polymer clay and waste the pack. By getting the sets, you have just the right amount of many different colors.

I would say, once polymer clay crafts have become your hobby, then start buying each color individually.


Tools are what really help bring your polymer clay creations come to life (or they help shape your less realistic creations)

There are many items you find in your home that work really well as polymer clay tools.

For example:
-Crumpled tin foil is great for texture
-toothpicks for detail
-a dried out pen for detail
-the back of a paint brush

Blades for Cutting Sharp Edges-

You can go the dollar store and get box cutter refill blades

Image result for box cutter refill blades

They work really well.

Or if you have an x-acto knife, you can use that and a ruler for sharp straight lines.


When I started out, I used a mini toaster oven and some baking sheets

Image result for mini toaster oven

It works really well, and doesn’t waste as much electricity as a real full sized oven would.

If you do end up using one, make sure to read the baking instructions on the package of your clay. If you turn up the temperature too high, the outside of your creation could possibly bubble or burn and it’s a disaster.

OR if you don’t have one, you can get an oil burner

Image result for essential oil burner

It’s basically a candle and a little platform on the top, with you can use to bake your creation.

I have a Japanese dollar store kind of thing where I live (DAISO), and they sell these for not very much.


DIYcrafts- Polaroid Display + Interactive Video

Quick explanation of this post and video-

So basically, this is a video DIY post, but instead of just watching the entire video, at the start of the video, you can choose to view Step 1, or Step 2, etc.

The steps written under the video, but the video is just if you need some help and want to view it, or if you just want to try out the interactive part 😛

If you’re viewing on a phone, it may be a little confusing, but the video still works- you just have to watch it all the way through.

Supplies Needed :

(the photos are blurred for privacy reasons :P)


(I forgot to speed up step 3 sorry)
1. Measure out how long you want the twine to be, to hang the display. Tie the ends to the wooden dowel.

2. Cut out pieces of twine (All the same length) and start tying it to the wooden dowel.

3. Tape the polaroids to the twine. (You can also use hot glue, but tape is a more temporary thing, so that you can switch the polaroids)

End Result:

I don’t have enough polaroids to complete the whole thing :/ sorry


You can hang string lights across the wooden dowel and it would look really nice.

I don’t have a polaroid camera, but I have a polaroid printer, which in my opinion is much better, because it prints photos from your phone. If you take a picture from polaroid camera, there’s a high chance that the exposure would be too high, etc. and you’d ruin the photo and waste a dollar.

^random tip if you are thinking of buying a polaroid camera


DIYcrafts- Whiteboard Organizer


Clear Sheet Protector

Printer Paper (coloured or blank)

Whiteboard marker


Simply place the paper into the sheet protector and you’re done!

If you want to make more permanent lines to divide the days of the week, etc. You can use a whiteboard marker that’s wet erase, or some tape. You can also use a permanent marker , but that’s permanent.

This is really helpful because it’s erasable and you can keep it in the front of your binder to keep you reminded.


DIYcrafts- Notebook Cover Ideas + Tips

This post took me so long to make

Base Cover-

Most notebooks don’t have a blank cover for you to draw on.

  • To make a blank white cover, cut out a piece of paper (printer paper works, card stock may be a bit thick though) that’s the size of your notebook’s cover.
  • Glue on w/ some modge podge or glue (honestly, I can’t tell the difference between the two)

1.  Bohemian Inspired Notebook

  • Using a ruler, draw lines horizontally across the notebook cover
  • Pick a colour palette (I used purple, blue, turquoise, pink and orange in an attempt for a bohemian kind of look)
  • Fill in the space between the lines
  • Draw vertical lines in between the horizontal lines.
  • You can use a ruler, but I like the messy look

You can always colour after drawing everything, but if you use colour pencils, crayons or pastels, they go right over the lines, making the lines really dull.

2. Triangles

  • Start out by drawing several triangles in random places on the cover
  • Draw more triangles to connect them
  • Try to make it not so symmetrical
  • Use various sizes of triangles

You can colour in the triangles but I like the black and white look 🙂

3. Nail Polish Colour Block Design

  • Draw a line anywhere on the page. You can make it thicker if you want
  • Take nail polish and paint it on one side of the line (or you could just use markers/pencil crayons etc.)

Using a metallic colour on one side can make it look more sophisticated, but a regular colour makes it look more fun 🙂

The nail polish makes it look a bit shinier. Also, the surface is really smooth and it feels really cool

5. Quotes and Sayings

  • Using different fonts, write a bunch of your favourite quotes and sayings. Or you could just write one, like the picture.
  • If you have a favourite band/ artist, you can list all their songs/ albums with some fancy lettering for each song

It’s basically a bunch of quote arts mashed together

6. Colors and Lines

  • Start off by drawing messy lines horizontally and vertically across the page.
    Next color in some blocks messily. I recommend using a highlighter/ marker
    Use the edge of a sharpie (hold it at a slant when using it) and draw some rough lines along the lines already there.

You can make it neater, but it won’t look as nice :/

7. Arrows

(sorry the picture’s so blue)

Basically, draw a bunch of arrows going left or right

Here are some arrow designs you can use:


8. Graffiti Inspired Notebook

  • Cut up a sponge
  • Dip it in some paint
  • Dab all over the page

I don’t have coloured  printer paper, but if you have black coloured paper and some neon paint, that would look really nice- a lot nicer than white paper.

9. Repeated Quotes

I used cardstock on this one, and it’s really thick :/ maybe stick to printer paper.

  • Find a short quote that you like and repeat it over and over again.

You can just keep it that way, or you can take a metallic/ bright color and write the quote once, like shown above.

10. Tribal Inspired Print
Repeat a few patterns over and over. I used coral, white and black.

11. Ombre Triangles

Once again, this would look a lot better with a coloured background but I don’t have coloured paper :/

  • Draw a bunch of random triangles all over the page
  • Fill them in to make an ombre (darker at the top, lighter at the bottom or vice versa

12. Paint Sample Triangles

I took some paint samples at the hardware store and cut them into triangles.

Notebook Tips

Here are a few divider ideas to put in your notebook:

In many life hack youtube videos, they tell you to use a highlighter and color the top of a notebook to help you identify it easier. This is a good life hack, but then you’d have to remember the colors


You can simply write the name of the subject on the top. It may leak slightly into your notebook, but you can barely notice it.


DIYcrafts- Toilet Paper Roll Gift Wrap

I used this for my friends present and she had no idea it was made out of a TP roll.

Materials Needed:
A toilet paper roll
Burlap/ Fabric
Index cards
A marker

•You could just leave the roll as it is but that doesn’t look very nice :/

•You can use glue or tape to close off the ends

•I thought it looked kind of plain without the To and From sign. However, you can attach it with a string if you’re okay with just the burlap/fabric ontop of the roll

•I reccomend putting a more thoughtful gift inside if you’re gonna use a toilet paper roll to wrap it


DIYcrafts-Black and White Wall Art

I just cleaned my entire room and I can actually locate my art supplies now, so you can expect more frequent DIYcrafts 🙂

In this DIYcrafts, I’m moreso showing you the different drawings in the wall art than the actual thing, because it’s quite self- explanatory.

**disclaimer: none of these prints/ drawings are my own original work- I copied off pinterest and google images because I cannot draw 😛

You’ll need:
-Black Marker/ Sharpie/ Black Pencil Crayon

-Regular Printer Paper or whatever paper you have

-Photo Frames

BEFORE YOU START- Make sure your paper fits in the frame (if you’re using a frame)

Urban Outfitters Inspired Eye Print

This print is inspired by the Urban Outfitters ‘Evil Eye’ 

  1. Sketch out one eye to practice first or use as a template *note: there are 5 eyelashes on the top and 5 on the bottom
  2. draw them on at random or in precise locations

You can go two ways with this- neat or messy.

I went with the messy way, hence the random locations and messy, different sized eyes

If you feel the need for the eyes to be in a row, in a precise location, go ahead and do that

Peter Buchman Inspired Wall Art

 (Click on the picture to see the original artwork)

  1. Crumple up a piece of paper
  2. Smooth it down so the surface is relatively flat
  3. Write “Just another thing
    Hanging over your head”
    “Just another thing
    Hanging on the wall”
    The paper doesn’t look that crumpled in the picture :/

Moon and Sun Art

 (Click on the picture to see the original artwork)

My favourite one tbh

This one’s quite simple- copy the drawing!


And if you plan to make this, you can do whatever you want- these are just three ideas 🙂

P.S. If I made a Fantage/ Art Instagram, would you guys check it and follow?
I would post more self explanatory DIYs that I’ve made that aren’t long enough or worthy to be in a post
I’ll put instructions in the caption
And I would post more frequently on there than I would make a post for a DIYcraft

(If you don’t have instagram, you can still see the pics because the account is public and you can view it from google searching my user)


DIYcrafts- Easy Watercolour Wall Art

This is super easy, if you have all the materials!

Materials Needed:


White/ Black/ Colour of your choice paint


(Optional) White Oil Pastel


1. Using your oil pastel, write out a quote/ draw something. This makes it easier to paint and find where you quote is but this is sort of unnessecary, so feel free to skip this!

2. Mix some watercolours and make strokes across the paper. I like to paint it so it doesn’t quite meet the end of the paper, so it has a bit of a messy look.

3. Using your paint, paint on your quote once again.

And you’re done!


If you pressed down with your oil pastel hard enough, you might not even need to paint over the quote, because the watercolours won’t go on the oil pastel.

However, this does not always turn out well, so you can just touch it up by painting ontop.

The quote I chose is “Qui Vivra Verra” (french).

It means “He who lives, sees”. I found it sort of interesting, so I used it for my quote.



DIYcrafts- Room decor with rocks


Anyways, this DIY is really awesome because it’s really customizable. You don’t need to use gold paint- you can substitute it with any color, or even a marker of your choice.

The last 30 seconds of the video is just me trying to get an artsy shot of some rocks 😛 go ahead and skip it, if you want

It’s Friday and I have no homework for once!! You should expect some “Everyday Moments Captured in 1 Video” posts 😀