UrbanEars Platten 2 Review

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I got these headphones (in Snow Blue) about a week and a half ago as a birthday present from my family. It costs approx. $53 CAD on Amazon when I got it (the price of it is subject to change) and on the Urbanears website, it costs $69 CAD ($49 USD). I was looking for headphones/earphones in this post, and I decided on getting these Urbanears Platten 2 headphones. I was looking for a number of things, and here’s how this pair of headphones ranked in my opinion:

  1. Sound Quality
    I was looking something that made the bass sound great, since I love hearing the bass in most of the songs. These headphones did not disappoint at all. The bass sounds amazing, however, it’s actually a little overpowering. This can be easily fixed through sound settings on your phone/computer. I’m not an expert in sound quality, but these headphones make listening to all the songs I listen to a good experience (pop songs, chillstep, violin covers, electric music).
  2. Stays in your ear (even when running)
    Obviously, this is for earphones, but these headphones don’t fall off easily when I exercise either, so they’re great for going on runs. The only downside is, like most other headphones, they’re slightly noise cancelling (not fully noise cancelling like beats) but be careful – it can be dangerous when you’re outside and cannot hear your surroundings.
    *These headphones are on-ear headphones, which mean they do not cover your ear entirely*
    In addition, these headphones can get a little tight after wearing them for about half an hour. You can make them a little looser by holding the top of the headphones and bending it outwards.
  3. Has a microphone
    This pair of headphones comes with a microphone and a single button (not shown in the picture, but pressing the button once will pause the song, pressing it twice will skip the song [only works on phones]). However, this microphone is not loud at all, and when I join Discord calls, my voice is barely audible to the other people in the call.
  4. Good quality
    As mentioned earlier, I have only had these earphones for about a week and a half and cannot say for certain they will last for a few years. However, the material feels like good quality material. An amazing upside to this product is that the wire is made of string, so the ends of each side of the wire will not break easily.
    Related image

Other Comments:

  • These headphones have a really cool feature where the wire can be plugged in either the right or left ear, so the wire won’t be going across your face when in use. This means there will always be one side that isn’t plugged in, meaning another pair of earphones/headphones can be plugged into that side so you and your friends can all listen to music from one device without sharing earphones! Honestly, it is quite useless and I have never used it, but it still is a cool feature.
  • These headphones can be very compact – easy to travel with because of the little amount of space it takes up.
    Image result for urbanears plattan 2 folded
  • The top of the headphones is made of fabric, making it super comfortable on the head.
  • Both earpads can be slid up and down to match your headsize and make it super comfortable.
  • The overall design of it is very plain and simple, which I love. The brand name is not plastered all over the design.
  • Approx. $50 for these headphones were such an amazing deal, and in my opinion, it is definitely worth the money.
  • These headphones come in 12 different colours. There wasn’t a picture I could find that included all 12 colours. Here’s the link to the website where you can look through all the colours though.
  • It came with a poster and a sticker. Didn’t use either of those 2 things for anything, but it was pretty cool

Overall, I would definitely recommend these headphones to anyone who isn’t an extreme critic when it comes to sound quality. They’re convenient, comfortable and pretty good for most genres of music except classical.




I’m looking to get some good quality earphones that will last me for a while, but I honestly know almost nothing about earphone brands and what to look for. I’ve heard that Bose and Sennheiser are both quite good, but they’re both pretty expensive and I’m not entirely sure why they’re worth that amount.

Things I’m especially looking for are:
– good sound quality (you can hear the bass)
– stays in your ear (even when running)
– has a microphone (most earphones do come with mics though, I think)
– good quality (will last for at least a year or two)

As for price range, as long as the earphones are pretty worth the price, I’ll likely get them.

Anyone have any suggestions what I should get?

Also, comment what type of earphones you have and a short review of it? That would be super helpful for me 🙂



so I go on fantage again for the first time in a super long time
(btw “fairycari” is mine again so if I happen to go on fantage and you see that username, it’s me)

a random person added me and I decided to just add them back because why not
(I have space now because I had to clear my buddy list for the person that used it and tbh I’m really sad I did because there were so many people I didn’t want to delete and thinking back on it now I’m even more sad omg why did I ever delete anyone from that account and now I can’t re-add them ’cause most of them quit 😦 that was completely off topic but anywayy)

here’s what they pm’ed me:


I laughed so hard at this like wdym “i wont hack it i swear idk how to anyway” “i can hack but like idk”

although I really don’t care much for my fantage account anymore because most of my items were earned my the previous person who used my account, I’m still not planning to give it away to random people


Some rushed photography

I was scouting out a location that I wanted to use for the video project I mentioned in my last post, and I took a few pictures for the purposes of remembering the places so we could go again when we actually went there to shoot the video, but here are some of the pictures that showed the beauty of nature and how everything is so aesthetic even if you don’t put a huge amount of effort to compose a picture

(see the light where it shines on the sea, it’s bliiiindinggggg) (it actually was very blinding) (my camera couldn’t adjust to the brightness of the sun, but the view here was so pretty)

All pictures taken on Redmi HM 1S, unedited

Also, any suggestions for a good photo editor for beginners? I always wanted to stick with no editing for the longest time until I realized editing your pictures could enhance it so much further so I’d like to start as soon as I find a good editor that is fairly simple to use.


>1 month without posting

school ended for me about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t been productive which leads me to not posting anything because I’ve literally just been sleeping for like 10+ hours and then watching YouTube videos
sorry D:

anyways, here’s what I’ve done since my last post (which was on June 1st)

I had a dance recital/show that was super fun and went surprisingly well with just a mishap on one of the show nights but that’s ok it was still good lol

I got contacts for dance, and it took me almost an hour to put them on, take them out and then put them back on again. It still takes me like 1-2 minutes now, but at least it’s a huge improvement

My cousin came to visit, and that was pretty cool. Didn’t really do too much with her though because she came during my exam week :/

I had 4 final exams (one per day, 4 days in a row) to end off my school year. I’m pretty happy with my marks, although I should have done wayyy better on one of them. oh well

My friend showed me this video

I actually learned to play it. What am I doing someone please help me LOL

I decided to start taking jazz and lyrical dance class next year in addition to my ballet classes. I’m pretty excited for that :)))
Also learned I’m going en pointe next year and I’m super excited but also kinda scared.
And I also signed up for this ballet intensive in August. I’m not ready to do 45 minutes of conditioning. I tried doing an ab workout and I just about dropped dead.

I went to a friend’s house to attempt to make hand pulled noodles (手拉麵/手拉面). It turned out fine, but it wasn’t really hand pulled. More like an alternative to chopped noodles.

My aunt, uncle and family (another aunt and 2 cousins) also came to my house to visit. House was way too crowded but it was good seeing relatives that I don’t often see.

I went to my friend’s house again to make rice krispies and cupcakes

got to use a blowtorch to do the topping. first time using it and it was pretty fun 😀

I went to the beach with some friends and we walked and waited for an hour (total) for bubble tea. It was definitely worth it. Bubble tea is so good ❤ Walking uphill in flip flops for like half an hour was not fun though

I decided to make a (hopefully) pretty cool violin music video thing with one of my friends based off of Jhin (from LoL). I’m pretty excited to shoot this video but I’m scared how it might turn out because it’s my first time doing this kind of thing. I mean no matter how it turns out it’ll be a really good learning process 🙂

I got Netflix and started watching Riverdale and finished the series the next day. IT’S REALLY GOOD OMG.
also someone in my grade happened to find Cole Sprouse on the street and got a picture with him and I’m super jealous >:((

My sleeping schedule has been completely messed up. I either sleep at 12:30ish or 4am. There is no in between.

(sorry for the inconsistent capitalization heh)

So how are your lives going?


(this is my 500th post!!)

Life Update pt. 2

so my laptop has ressurected

I’m not sure what happened but now I don’t have to use my mom’s laggy laptop anymore :))

this laptop is still probably pretty unstable and might die again but idkkkk I’ll deal with that problem when it comes

As for now, I should probably start backing up all my files that I care about before they’re all gone…again


life update

so my laptop decided to die on me yesterday

and now I have my mom’s laptop but I can’t play any games on it,
1) it’s super laggy
2) it’s not made for gaming, unlike my other laptop
3) downloading a game (like LoL) is probably gonna lag the entire laptop more than it already is laggy
which is fine because I’ll won’t have as much distraction from doing homework and stuff

I’m really sad though, because I lost Sony Movie Studio and I don’t think I can re-download it onto another laptop because it’s only meant for 1 device per purchase

Thank goodness I uploaded most of my photography onto here or else that would all likely be completely gone too

I mean 90% of my files are gone because I didn’t back them up, but they weren’t really that important – the files I really liked are online or on something else, but then again, my unprocessed video files are gone too…oh well

Also means all my fantage files are gone, so maybe this is a way to say I’ve finally gotten over fantage (I had way too many files on fantage even after quitting lol)

I got the laptop a little over a year ago and I’m quite sad that it broke (it won’t turn on)
not really sure how it happened and idk if it’s fixable, but if not, I might get a desktop instead because they seem to be more stable

looks like I won’t get a camera anytime soon at this point 😦


Last Minute Presentation Hacks

We’ve all been there. A presentation the next day where we haven’t even started practising for. It’s honestly the most stressful thing ever but you know you gotta get that A+ ;))

Here’s a few tips that will help you get by and in addition, make it seem like you’ve rehearsed it a million times:

1. Read it over and over and over and over and over again until you feel comfortable with what you’re saying

Pretty self-explanatory. The more you read it, the closer you get to memorising it (which should be your goal if it is reasonable).

2. Practice in front of a mirror
Image result for presentation mirror
Yes, it’s uncomfortable staring at yourself. But if you’re able to get past this, presenting in front of an audience is much easier
An alternative to this would be to video yourself, then watch it. I do think it’s more preferable to just do it in front of a mirror though.

3. Record yourself (audio)

And then listen to that file. Even if you hate your voice on tape, just do it. Listening to yourself will help you identify where you stumble and it will let you know where you need to get yourself more familiar with

4. Highlight parts of your paper

I’m not sure if this method works for everyone, but I recently thought of doing it and it worked out super well for me.

This was a book report I had to present in which I procrastinated to the night before to write and practice. I found that I often lost my place at the same parts, so I decided to highlight the phrase. This way, when I glanced at my paper in the middle of my presentation, it would be easy to find where I was. In addition, my brain works really well with colour. I associate colour with certain parts of the presentation. For example, the parts I highlighted in yellow were quotes from the book. When I looked at my sheet during the presentation, I would see I am at the first yellow part, and because my brain associates it with “I can’t let them hurt her anymore…”, I would be able to look right back at the audience right away and continue my presentation confidently because I knew exactly what I had to say.

(not sure how well I explained that but
tl;dr I’m a very visual person so by associating parts of my report with colour, it’s easy for me to know what’s next and by having bold colours on the page, I can easily find my spot when I quickly glance down at my paper)

5. Stop procrastinating

This is hard. I get it. But the more time you have to keep thinking about what you’re presenting and repeating the words over and over again, you get more comfortable and you can almost present without thinking.

Hopefully at least one of these tricks helped 🙂 I have aced 2 English presentations so far using these tips and tricks. Of course, it’s not always great to leave things last minute but if you have a lot of other work to do and this presentation just wasn’t on your mind until late, this list definitely will help you out, even if it’s just a bit.


Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)

Image result for kimi no na wa

I finished this movie like 2 minutes ago and iT’S SO GOOD OH MY GOODNESS

First of all, just look at these ratings:

I’m legit so shook like I’m unable to wrap my head around the ideas of time travel but like it’s not really time travel and I’m so confused but IT WAS REALLY GOOD I PROMISE YOU IT’S TOTALLY WORTH YOUR 100 OR SO MINUTES.

There’s a lot of humorous parts to it, but it’s also really cute. The ending is satisfying but it leaves you wanting more to the story. Dang it I really want a sequel or something.


(also does anyone know anymore good movies similar to this genre? 🙂 )