Little Haul

I went to a sample sale and Michel’s Craft Store today so here’s what I got lolz. Idk if you guys like seeing this or not, so let me know if you do or don’t!

Cool clothes:

^^ I love that hoodie so much dkfjfjdjdkd

All of these clothes are from Super Dry! I have 2 backpacks and 2 other hoodies from them too and they’re so good.

Also from Super Dry are these shoes:

soes The orange parts are actually very neon pink in rea life but my phone couldn’t catch it lolzz.


I got a set of clay for a really good deal (I think around $7) because of a coupon and the clay and paint were 50% off because of a coupon.

Comment the most recent thing you bought hehe



Summer Recap

This summer I was so unproductive and I barely did anything or go on any trips. I did go out a few times with friends and that was fun. I also got my hair cut SO SHORT COMPARED TO HOW LONG IT WAS BEFORE. My hair used to go down to my top of my butt and now it’s almost half the length. I can’t hide in my hair anymore :\

Also, I got the phone that I was talking about in my other post. I got a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and I can barely find any cases for it so I have to look online lolzzz.

I took a few pictures of this little fair place I went with my friends and of other random things. Also I’m really excited for Christmas (only 113 days away!) so you’ll see a few Christmas pictures I took.

summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg summerrrrrrrrrrrr summerrrrrrrrrrrr

summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg

summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg

Now for some editing magic:

summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg

summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg

summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpgsummerrrrrrrrrrrrProcessed with VSCO with  preset

So those were most of the pictures I took and edited!

Comment what you did this summer woohoo


school starts tomorrow o no




Flatlays are one of my favourite types of pictures to take. They’re taken from above and usually have a bunch of objects on a white background. For example:







Edited with Airbrush and VSCO


Edited with Airbrush and VSCO




Edited with Facetune 2 and VSCO


I use Airbrush and Facetune 2 for whitening and VSCO for the rest of the editing so they match my Instagram theme. (HB 1 +12, exposure +1, saturation +1, and some sharpening if needed)


Snow Chrome Feature?

So I was on Google Chrome and I saw this feature on the top right corner:
Screenshot 2017-08-17 19.44.58.png

So I pressed it anddd
Screenshot 2017-08-17 19.45.12.png

Woohoo snow in August!!!! But seriously why is this feature here so early lolz

And how come I didn’t know about it before? Do you guys have this feature?


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New Phone?

So my phone recently stopped working so I’m allowed to get a new one. I also recently quit going to this tutoring place that gives points for every month you go and are able to exchange those points for really good prizes. One of the things they have are Amazon gift cards, so I’m getting the gift cards for a phone.


So I’m thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy J7 Image result for Samsung Galaxy J7 (not sure if it’s the 2016 or 2017 model) which looks really nice and is a hugeeee upgrade from my old phone (literally from 7 Eleven..) so I’m super excited. I’ve watched quite a few reviews and think it’s a pretty good phone. Do you guys have that phone or know about it please comment because I want to see what you guys think. Or do you think I should get a different phone-that has to be from Amazon. Also comment what kind of phone you have because I want to know 😛



Why am I writing this post at 2:12 am

Free Editing Apps

I haven’t posted in a while and I said I would have lots of summer posts, sorry :\

  1. VSCO
    Image result for vsco
    Probably the most popular app out of this list. You can use lots of different filters and edit the tone of the picture then post it on your vsco account. You do have to pay for some filters and features but I just use the free ones because they’re just as good.
  2. A Color Story
    Image result for a color story
    This one is more advanced and uses red green and blue to change the overall colour of the picture. You can edit the different tones of the picture and still do simple editing like brightness and sharpness with filters.
  3. Facetune 2
    Image result for FACETUNE 2
    Facetune is always used by Youtubers but they don’t mention that it costs money, so I use Facetune 2 which has almost all the same features. You can whiten, smooth, and make some parts for clearer.
  4. Blend Editor
    Image result for blend editor
    This app can blend to pictures together and you can adjust how you want to blend it. You can use a silhouette and another picture to create this Image result for blend editor which is very pretty.
  5. PicMonkey
    Image result for .picmonkey/
    This app is basically just like the website but on your phone.

That’s all I have but comment some more good ones that you use! Also what day do you go back to school? I go back September 6.


Song Recommendations + Covers


Yikes no post in a while but at least summer’s coming soon so tons of posts!

Most of these will probably Madilyn Bailey and Jasmine Thompson just because I’m doing a marathon of their videos right now.

This is a song she wrote and I love it! It sounds so good and she had a bunch of youtubers lip syncing it for this lyric video 😀

This cover is one of my favourites by her and deserves more views!

Her most recent cover that she did for a contest and sounds a bit better than the original 😛

Jasmine’s Wonderland album sounds so nice but here’s my favourite song from it! Plus she’s only 16 so she’s amazing for her age!


I love how her voice makes all songs sound sad or soft ❤

When do you guys get off school? I’m already seeing people on Instagram getting off like I STILL HAVE A MONTH SO



Amazing Instagram Feeds

I follow quite a few people on Instagram that have perfectly matched feeds (probably the only reason why I follow them) so here are some of them.

  1. @everything.perfectly.purple

    Screenshot 2017-03-28 22.23.52.png

    A purple themes account that posts such nice pictures, except it would look better if there weren’t any words with the pictures

  2. @shopcheeky_
    Screenshot 2017-03-28 22.26.17.png

    A store that posts things they sell in a way that matches, and their themes are colourful.


  3. @cups_are_love
    Screenshot 2017-03-28 22.33.15.png

    They post pictures of cups in pretty backgrounds which makes it look really aesthetically pleasing.


  4. @kaylahadlington
    Screenshot 2017-03-28 22.36.42.png

    She has a cute pastel theme which matches so well (even her hair!)


  5. @theflatlayantony
    Screenshot 2017-03-28 22.39.12.png

    Enter a caption

    Screenshot 2017-03-28 22.39.12.png

    Her overlays match really well and her pictures are creative!

    Comment some really nice Instagram feeds for me to follow!


Organizing/Cleaning Your Room

So I recently went crazy and decided to clean and organize every inch of my room and it was so satisfying. Throwing things away and sorting things and finding long lost treasures. But the thing is the main reason I was cleaning was to find this Disney bracelet LOLZZ but I never found it asdfghjkl. But anyways, here’s how to clean your room.

  1. Take your boxes and storage containers and one by one dump everything onto the ground so you can sort everything there. Also keep a garbage and recycling bin near you to throw things out.
  2. Take out all your bottles, cans, containers, and food out of your room to throw out or wash. Maybe that’s where the smell is coming from…even though I never notice a smell because I’m probably used to it 😛
  3. If it helps, you can play music or watch videos while cleaning, it helps me get more motivated.
  4. Use things like empty tissue boxes, baskets, and boxes to store things. You can also label them with tape.
  5. Lastly, you can do a time elapse of you cleaning from start to finish for you to watch band be proud of yourself!

Have funnnn
(Also who else is super excited for spring but is still getting snow!! It’s supposed to snow all week)