Lightroom Photo Editing App

I’m not trying to one-up Briar’s post or anything (I use a lot of those apps and theyre all amazing) but I started using Lightroom to edit my photos today and it’s AMAZING.

I’m not kidding 

I find that normally with editing apps, the more you filter and edit, the blurrier the photo gets but Lightroom keeps the photo crystal clear and the quality of it’s filters are so nice

Here are some examples-

(bottom is edited)

^here, even with such a dark photo, it can lighten it and yet keep the quality of the picture

If you know me in real life and follow my insta and stuff, I apologize because I’ve literally posted these photos everywhere LOL I’m wayy too proud of these pics

Anyways, Lightroom is a really great editing app, and it’s completely free in the AppStore so I’d reccomend giving it a try 🙂 



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