Free Editing Apps

I haven’t posted in a while and I said I would have lots of summer posts, sorry :\

  1. VSCO
    Image result for vsco
    Probably the most popular app out of this list. You can use lots of different filters and edit the tone of the picture then post it on your vsco account. You do have to pay for some filters and features but I just use the free ones because they’re just as good.
  2. A Color Story
    Image result for a color story
    This one is more advanced and uses red green and blue to change the overall colour of the picture. You can edit the different tones of the picture and still do simple editing like brightness and sharpness with filters.
  3. Facetune 2
    Image result for FACETUNE 2
    Facetune is always used by Youtubers but they don’t mention that it costs money, so I use Facetune 2 which has almost all the same features. You can whiten, smooth, and make some parts for clearer.
  4. Blend Editor
    Image result for blend editor
    This app can blend to pictures together and you can adjust how you want to blend it. You can use a silhouette and another picture to create this Image result for blend editor which is very pretty.
  5. PicMonkey
    Image result for .picmonkey/
    This app is basically just like the website but on your phone.

That’s all I have but comment some more good ones that you use! Also what day do you go back to school? I go back September 6.



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