so I go on fantage again for the first time in a super long time
(btw “fairycari” is mine again so if I happen to go on fantage and you see that username, it’s me)

a random person added me and I decided to just add them back because why not
(I have space now because I had to clear my buddy list for the person that used it and tbh I’m really sad I did because there were so many people I didn’t want to delete and thinking back on it now I’m even more sad omg why did I ever delete anyone from that account and now I can’t re-add them ’cause most of them quit 😦 that was completely off topic but anywayy)

here’s what they pm’ed me:


I laughed so hard at this like wdym “i wont hack it i swear idk how to anyway” “i can hack but like idk”

although I really don’t care much for my fantage account anymore because most of my items were earned my the previous person who used my account, I’m still not planning to give it away to random people



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