Some rushed photography

I was scouting out a location that I wanted to use for the video project I mentioned in my last post, and I took a few pictures for the purposes of remembering the places so we could go again when we actually went there to shoot the video, but here are some of the pictures that showed the beauty of nature and how everything is so aesthetic even if you don’t put a huge amount of effort to compose a picture

(see the light where it shines on the sea, it’s bliiiindinggggg) (it actually was very blinding) (my camera couldn’t adjust to the brightness of the sun, but the view here was so pretty)

All pictures taken on Redmi HM 1S, unedited

Also, any suggestions for a good photo editor for beginners? I always wanted to stick with no editing for the longest time until I realized editing your pictures could enhance it so much further so I’d like to start as soon as I find a good editor that is fairly simple to use.



3 thoughts on “Some rushed photography

  1. nickie says:

    I use photoshop express or the adobe photoshop on my computer, the express version is super easy to use. These photos are so gorgeous already though 🙂


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