>1 month without posting

school ended for me about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t been productive which leads me to not posting anything because I’ve literally just been sleeping for like 10+ hours and then watching YouTube videos
sorry D:

anyways, here’s what I’ve done since my last post (which was on June 1st)

I had a dance recital/show that was super fun and went surprisingly well with just a mishap on one of the show nights but that’s ok it was still good lol

I got contacts for dance, and it took me almost an hour to put them on, take them out and then put them back on again. It still takes me like 1-2 minutes now, but at least it’s a huge improvement

My cousin came to visit, and that was pretty cool. Didn’t really do too much with her though because she came during my exam week :/

I had 4 final exams (one per day, 4 days in a row) to end off my school year. I’m pretty happy with my marks, although I should have done wayyy better on one of them. oh well

My friend showed me this video

I actually learned to play it. What am I doing someone please help me LOL

I decided to start taking jazz and lyrical dance class next year in addition to my ballet classes. I’m pretty excited for that :)))
Also learned I’m going en pointe next year and I’m super excited but also kinda scared.
And I also signed up for this ballet intensive in August. I’m not ready to do 45 minutes of conditioning. I tried doing an ab workout and I just about dropped dead.

I went to a friend’s house to attempt to make hand pulled noodles (手拉麵/手拉面). It turned out fine, but it wasn’t really hand pulled. More like an alternative to chopped noodles.

My aunt, uncle and family (another aunt and 2 cousins) also came to my house to visit. House was way too crowded but it was good seeing relatives that I don’t often see.

I went to my friend’s house again to make rice krispies and cupcakes

got to use a blowtorch to do the topping. first time using it and it was pretty fun 😀

I went to the beach with some friends and we walked and waited for an hour (total) for bubble tea. It was definitely worth it. Bubble tea is so good ❤ Walking uphill in flip flops for like half an hour was not fun though

I decided to make a (hopefully) pretty cool violin music video thing with one of my friends based off of Jhin (from LoL). I’m pretty excited to shoot this video but I’m scared how it might turn out because it’s my first time doing this kind of thing. I mean no matter how it turns out it’ll be a really good learning process 🙂

I got Netflix and started watching Riverdale and finished the series the next day. IT’S REALLY GOOD OMG.
also someone in my grade happened to find Cole Sprouse on the street and got a picture with him and I’m super jealous >:((

My sleeping schedule has been completely messed up. I either sleep at 12:30ish or 4am. There is no in between.

(sorry for the inconsistent capitalization heh)

So how are your lives going?


(this is my 500th post!!)


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