I usually really like a song for about a week and then I find new ones

Anyways, I recently started using the Apple Music 3 month-trial and it’s SO GOOD

I know a lot of people like spotify but I can’t seem to find my way around spotify.


Sometimes when I’m painting and stuff, I like to play the “recommended songs” list on Apple Music and I find a lot of good songs on there 🙂

Disclaimer: Generally, I don’t search up or really listen to the lyrics of songs, I mostly listen for the tune so if there’s a song with strange lyrics I am most likely not aware of it.

Also I’m not a very musical person, like I couldn’t tell the difference between pop/alternative/indie/rock and other genres until a month ago (still can’t really tell the difference)

This is a really good song

I found this song on the Music app and I searched them up on youtube and they only have 94 subscribers??? whaatt

The 4 songs that Far Places has made are all really good

Camila’s first solo song 😀 (i think)

It’s really good, I listened to it on repeat for about a week, and I still listen to it now

Honestly all of the Brood’s Conscious album songs are really good, I just didn’t want to post every single song in their album on here, so here’s my favorite song 🙂

Here’s a link to their album

I never really liked one direction songs very much but THIS SONG IS SO GOOD

The genre is “soft-rock”, so it’s quite different from one direction songs.

Another good song from his album is Two Ghosts

Not that 1D songs were terrible, but in my opinion, their solo songs are so much better- including Zayn and Niall’s solo songs (speaking of which, Slow Hands is a pretty good song too)

This was the first Halsey song I ever listened to and it’s so goodddddd

I like how every song she tells a story and they’re all really unique stories

also her voice is amazing- I’ve heard her live vocals are not that good but I just like how smooth and “ethereal” her voice sounds

Another Halsey song worthy of having it’s video on this post 🙂


The tune itself isn’t all that good, but I just really like Halsey and Lauren’s voices together

Also the pronouns in this song- very diverse

Other really good songs in her album include Angel on Fire, Sorry, Hopeless ft. Cashmere Cat

My teacher plays this song during workblocks and ITS SO GOOD AFSJBIHE

This is another really chill song, and it’s really good 😀

Not really sure how everyone knows Sabrina Carpenter (is she from a movie or smth?)

but her songs are really good and she has a nice voice 🙂

This songs kinda weird but it’s pretty good and I keep going back to this song

Honestly I can’t understand anything she’s saying in this song but it’s really good and the tune is nice and it’s always stuck in my head

There was an ad for this song on youtube and I listened to the full song and it’s actually quite good and Vanessa Hudgens sings here and high school musical memories y’know

That’s all I have for this post

And to bless your day

Here’s a hilarious video





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