Studying Tips!

I have a week of final exams starting tomorrow and I’m still reviewing term 1 of science…..

I should be studying right now but I’m procrastinating 

Also, this is more for like long-term studying, so if you plan to spend an entire day studying this is for you.



Open your window- let the fresh air come in because fresh air is good for you and you can think better in an environment that isn’t stuffy. 

Also if you live in a quieter place, it’s nice to have some natural background noise while studying.


Set your work space.

Personally, I can’t study in a messy environment so I have to clean up my ENTIRE room before I can start, or I can’t think.

It’s also good to have a glass of water or a drink of your choice on hand so you don’t have to interrupt your studying and go and get water.


Wind down and relax. Take a shower, wash your face and get all your ~problems~ or discomfort out of the way. I like to wear comfy clothes to study so I don’t have any added stress ontop of studying.

But don’t be too comfy or you might fall asleep!

TIP 4 

Get or use a bunch of really colourful highlighters and pens and colour code EVERYTHING

It helps to have a little legend on the side to organize your colours. For example,

Red- Vocabulary Terms

Green- important points

Blue- for titles and subtitles 

Maybe it’s just me but this makes studying more fun

TIP 5 

This is more for people who study by making study sheets like me- when you’re copying down things, say it over and over in your head while you’re doing it to help yourself memorize it.

TIP 6 

Quiz yourself!

Learning from mistakes is one of the best ways to learn and memorize things.


Spray a perfume or a scent you wouldn’t normally smell. And then on exam/test day, spray it in yourself.

This helps you remember facts from when you were studying.


Work in a BRIGHT, well-lit room.

If it’s possible, open your blinds so that sunlight can pour in! Unless you live where I live and it rains every day.

Your environment and the amount of light in your room greatly affects your mood.


If you’re in a time crunch and you study well by reading, Times New Roman is proven to be the easiest font to read. 

TIP 10

If you need help understanding a concept, watch a crash course video!

The guy who talks is John Green’s brother and all the information is really informative and it’s FAST (which helps if you need to relearn a whole years worth of science like me)

You might find that these videos explain things better in 10 minutes than your teacher does in a whole term!

TIP 11

Teach someone! 

Pretend you’re a teacher and teach someone everything or maybe even film a crash course video yourself. This helps you apply your knowledge and helps you memorize way better.

TIP 12

Take breaks! But efficiently.

Take breaks once your finished a certain topic and not halfway through so that you can remember it as a whole. 

Also, don’t just go on your phone during your break- take a walk! Ride your bike or something and excercise so you can get your brain moving.

TIP 13 

Use a mnemonic!

What is a mnemonic, you ask?

It’s a word or phrase you memorize to help you memorize stuff (I know, great explanation)

For example,

ROY G BIV helps you remember the order of the rainbow.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Here’s a mnemonic generator so you can type in the letters you need to remember, and it helps you generate a sentence

TIP 14

Before you let yourself sleep at night and while you’re laying in your bed, quiz yourself briefly on what you’ve studied that day.

What’s a nucleus?

What goes on during anaphase?

Studies have shown that this actually helps you remember things better.

BUT this does not mean studying at 3AM in the morning before you sleep helps, because you’ll be too tired to remember any concepts. This means that before you sleep at a good time (preferably before 11:30), reviewing what you’ve studied helps you lock in all those facts


Hopefully these tips help.

For those of you with exams, good luck!!!

Also, don’t procrastinate like me right now. 



4 thoughts on “Studying Tips!

    • gravycf says:

      Hahaghahaha I should listen to my own tips
      I’ve studied for a grand total of 30 minutes today rip my science exam
      And yay I’m glad theyre helpful 😀


  1. Marina says:

    Nice tips! Here’re some extra ones. These might be a little more useful for people in online school, but I’m guessing public school students could probably use them, too.
    1. Before you start, if your teacher has given you an overview of the exam, REVIEW IT. If you’re lucky, it could even have the questions you’ll have to answer. Even if it doesn’t, though, it’ll highlight the areas you’ll need to focus on for the exam, so you’ll at least know what to expect.
    2. Look for practice exams on the internet. Make sure to specify your region (state, province or territory, county, school district, etc.) and grade when you look them up. These have varying degrees of helpfulness and may or may not be tailored exactly to your curriculum, but you’ll probably find one that does work for you. If you’re worried about time limits and pressure, you could also “take” a practice exam while timing yourself or getting someone to time you and see how quickly you can finish.
    3. This bears emphasis. If your test is standardized, for the love of everything, LOOK UP GUIDES AND PAST EXAMS. In the words of Nike, just do it.
    4. Get a family member or friend to help you with studying. An extra person could be a quiz partner, note-sharer, resource finder, anything like that. It’s definitely better to have some support rather than studying alone.
    Hopefully these help people looking at the comments! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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