Song Recommendations + Covers


Yikes no post in a while but at least summer’s coming soon so tons of posts!

Most of these will probably Madilyn Bailey and Jasmine Thompson just because I’m doing a marathon of their videos right now.

This is a song she wrote and I love it! It sounds so good and she had a bunch of youtubers lip syncing it for this lyric video 😀

This cover is one of my favourites by her and deserves more views!

Her most recent cover that she did for a contest and sounds a bit better than the original 😛

Jasmine’s Wonderland album sounds so nice but here’s my favourite song from it! Plus she’s only 16 so she’s amazing for her age!


I love how her voice makes all songs sound sad or soft ❤

When do you guys get off school? I’m already seeing people on Instagram getting off like I STILL HAVE A MONTH SO




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