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P.S. If you’re wondering why the URL says ‘♥fantage-fairy♥’ instead of ‘fairy-life’, it’s because this blog was previously named fantage fairy 🙂


Little Haul

I went to a sample sale and Michel’s Craft Store today so here’s what I got lolz. Idk if you guys like seeing this or not, so let me know if you do or don’t!

Cool clothes:

^^ I love that hoodie so much dkfjfjdjdkd

All of these clothes are from Super Dry! I have 2 backpacks and 2 other hoodies from them too and they’re so good.

Also from Super Dry are these shoes:

soes The orange parts are actually very neon pink in rea life but my phone couldn’t catch it lolzz.


I got a set of clay for a really good deal (I think around $7) because of a coupon and the clay and paint were 50% off because of a coupon.

Comment the most recent thing you bought hehe


UrbanEars Platten 2 Review

Image result for urbanears plattan 2 snow blue

I got these headphones (in Snow Blue) about a week and a half ago as a birthday present from my family. It costs approx. $53 CAD on Amazon when I got it (the price of it is subject to change) and on the Urbanears website, it costs $69 CAD ($49 USD). I was looking for headphones/earphones in this post, and I decided on getting these Urbanears Platten 2 headphones. I was looking for a number of things, and here’s how this pair of headphones ranked in my opinion:

  1. Sound Quality
    I was looking something that made the bass sound great, since I love hearing the bass in most of the songs. These headphones did not disappoint at all. The bass sounds amazing, however, it’s actually a little overpowering. This can be easily fixed through sound settings on your phone/computer. I’m not an expert in sound quality, but these headphones make listening to all the songs I listen to a good experience (pop songs, chillstep, violin covers, electric music).
  2. Stays in your ear (even when running)
    Obviously, this is for earphones, but these headphones don’t fall off easily when I exercise either, so they’re great for going on runs. The only downside is, like most other headphones, they’re slightly noise cancelling (not fully noise cancelling like beats) but be careful – it can be dangerous when you’re outside and cannot hear your surroundings.
    *These headphones are on-ear headphones, which mean they do not cover your ear entirely*
    In addition, these headphones can get a little tight after wearing them for about half an hour. You can make them a little looser by holding the top of the headphones and bending it outwards.
  3. Has a microphone
    This pair of headphones comes with a microphone and a single button (not shown in the picture, but pressing the button once will pause the song, pressing it twice will skip the song [only works on phones]). However, this microphone is not loud at all, and when I join Discord calls, my voice is barely audible to the other people in the call.
  4. Good quality
    As mentioned earlier, I have only had these earphones for about a week and a half and cannot say for certain they will last for a few years. However, the material feels like good quality material. An amazing upside to this product is that the wire is made of string, so the ends of each side of the wire will not break easily.
    Related image

Other Comments:

  • These headphones have a really cool feature where the wire can be plugged in either the right or left ear, so the wire won’t be going across your face when in use. This means there will always be one side that isn’t plugged in, meaning another pair of earphones/headphones can be plugged into that side so you and your friends can all listen to music from one device without sharing earphones! Honestly, it is quite useless and I have never used it, but it still is a cool feature.
  • These headphones can be very compact – easy to travel with because of the little amount of space it takes up.
    Image result for urbanears plattan 2 folded
  • The top of the headphones is made of fabric, making it super comfortable on the head.
  • Both earpads can be slid up and down to match your headsize and make it super comfortable.
  • The overall design of it is very plain and simple, which I love. The brand name is not plastered all over the design.
  • Approx. $50 for these headphones were such an amazing deal, and in my opinion, it is definitely worth the money.
  • These headphones come in 12 different colours. There wasn’t a picture I could find that included all 12 colours. Here’s the link to the website where you can look through all the colours though.
  • It came with a poster and a sticker. Didn’t use either of those 2 things for anything, but it was pretty cool

Overall, I would definitely recommend these headphones to anyone who isn’t an extreme critic when it comes to sound quality. They’re convenient, comfortable and pretty good for most genres of music except classical.


How to extend your knowledge and improve your writing drastically without really trying 


I learned this the hard way

I used to be an avid reader, one of those students that frantically tried to read as much as they could before the bell rang, or snuck books under my desk and read during boring lessons.

Unfortunately, I discovered Netflix and YouTube and that was the end 😂😂

So tip of the day: read more

Even if it’s just a book that you read a little bit of in the span of 6 months or if you read book after book, without fail, just read, and I promise it’ll help you extend your knowledge and your writing skills drastically

When you read, you subconsciously accumulate knowledge and learn new words which really helps and which is why I wish I read more, and I’m currently trying to read more

If you have any book suggestions maybe we could all help eachother out in the comments?

The only non-mainstream book that I’ve really enjoyed is “Splintered” by A.G. Howard, great for Alice in Wonderland fans 🙂 

Also Flowers for Algernon is a really great book that opens your perspectives- I wanted to do it for my lit circles in school but they didn’t have enough books 😩


Summer Recap

This summer I was so unproductive and I barely did anything or go on any trips. I did go out a few times with friends and that was fun. I also got my hair cut SO SHORT COMPARED TO HOW LONG IT WAS BEFORE. My hair used to go down to my top of my butt and now it’s almost half the length. I can’t hide in my hair anymore :\

Also, I got the phone that I was talking about in my other post. I got a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and I can barely find any cases for it so I have to look online lolzzz.

I took a few pictures of this little fair place I went with my friends and of other random things. Also I’m really excited for Christmas (only 113 days away!) so you’ll see a few Christmas pictures I took.

summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg summerrrrrrrrrrrr summerrrrrrrrrrrr

summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg

summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg

Now for some editing magic:

summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg

summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg

summerrrrrrrrrrrr.jpgsummerrrrrrrrrrrrProcessed with VSCO with  preset

So those were most of the pictures I took and edited!

Comment what you did this summer woohoo


school starts tomorrow o no




Flatlays are one of my favourite types of pictures to take. They’re taken from above and usually have a bunch of objects on a white background. For example:







Edited with Airbrush and VSCO


Edited with Airbrush and VSCO




Edited with Facetune 2 and VSCO


I use Airbrush and Facetune 2 for whitening and VSCO for the rest of the editing so they match my Instagram theme. (HB 1 +12, exposure +1, saturation +1, and some sharpening if needed)



I’m looking to get some good quality earphones that will last me for a while, but I honestly know almost nothing about earphone brands and what to look for. I’ve heard that Bose and Sennheiser are both quite good, but they’re both pretty expensive and I’m not entirely sure why they’re worth that amount.

Things I’m especially looking for are:
– good sound quality (you can hear the bass)
– stays in your ear (even when running)
– has a microphone (most earphones do come with mics though, I think)
– good quality (will last for at least a year or two)

As for price range, as long as the earphones are pretty worth the price, I’ll likely get them.

Anyone have any suggestions what I should get?

Also, comment what type of earphones you have and a short review of it? That would be super helpful for me 🙂


Snow Chrome Feature?

So I was on Google Chrome and I saw this feature on the top right corner:
Screenshot 2017-08-17 19.44.58.png

So I pressed it anddd
Screenshot 2017-08-17 19.45.12.png

Woohoo snow in August!!!! But seriously why is this feature here so early lolz

And how come I didn’t know about it before? Do you guys have this feature?


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New Phone?

So my phone recently stopped working so I’m allowed to get a new one. I also recently quit going to this tutoring place that gives points for every month you go and are able to exchange those points for really good prizes. One of the things they have are Amazon gift cards, so I’m getting the gift cards for a phone.


So I’m thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy J7 Image result for Samsung Galaxy J7 (not sure if it’s the 2016 or 2017 model) which looks really nice and is a hugeeee upgrade from my old phone (literally from 7 Eleven..) so I’m super excited. I’ve watched quite a few reviews and think it’s a pretty good phone. Do you guys have that phone or know about it please comment because I want to see what you guys think. Or do you think I should get a different phone-that has to be from Amazon. Also comment what kind of phone you have because I want to know 😛



Why am I writing this post at 2:12 am

Lightroom Photo Editing App

I’m not trying to one-up Briar’s post or anything (I use a lot of those apps and theyre all amazing) but I started using Lightroom to edit my photos today and it’s AMAZING.

I’m not kidding 

I find that normally with editing apps, the more you filter and edit, the blurrier the photo gets but Lightroom keeps the photo crystal clear and the quality of it’s filters are so nice

Here are some examples-

(bottom is edited)

^here, even with such a dark photo, it can lighten it and yet keep the quality of the picture

If you know me in real life and follow my insta and stuff, I apologize because I’ve literally posted these photos everywhere LOL I’m wayy too proud of these pics

Anyways, Lightroom is a really great editing app, and it’s completely free in the AppStore so I’d reccomend giving it a try 🙂