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Hey there! Welcome to Fairy Life! This is a blog full of random posts like DIY crafts, tips, tricks, things that happen…basically our thoughts scattered all over the place 😛

This blog is owned by Fairycari, but run alongside her friends Gravycf and Briar4ever6. They love to post about anything such as trends, ideas or simply just thoughts they have. Check out the pages to see more of our works. Be prepared to embark on this journey with them, discussing fun, hilarious posts as well as serious, important topics! Have fun!

Thanks from all of us

P.S. If you’re wondering why the URL says ‘♥fantage-fairy♥’ instead of ‘fairy-life’, it’s because this blog was previously named fantage fairy 🙂


Some Great Meme/Other Great Videos!

I don’t know how I found these but they made my life 3 times better!! I’m putting the links in the words because some of them are surprises >:) (they open in a new tab)

Somebody Toucha my SPAGETT (Full episode)

Pixar Bloopers (they literally animated bloopers)

What are you doing in my swamp remix

Old song memed

Let it go memed


Rick roll surprise

Gaston song but check the description before watching!!

Gaston eats eggs

Gaston eats more eggs

Gaston song with mixed rhymes

Wonderful surprise 😀

I hope you watch every single one of them to fill the void in your heart



I’m just going to be talking about random things in this post so woot woot

Some things I hope to do in 2018 (or soon) are:

  • continue to have motivation for school
  • get out and do things more – not be so anti social yikes
  • actually catch every single pokemon in all my pokemon games
  • go shopping because I literally wear 3 tshirts and 4 pants??? I mean I wear uniforms so I don’t really care but when I do actually care then I’ll go shopping lolzzz
  • work on my relationship with God (I’m a Christian)
  • go to some rad places so I can get rad pictures
  • have feed goals for Instagram (white feeds are hard y’all)
  • practice my flute, 3d pen, and art more

Ok um I know that this isn’t too relevant now, but LOGAN PAUL HAS TO GO NOPE NOPE D I S R E S P E C T F U L

What’s even worse is that YouTube literally did nothing about it like it went on the trending page and was left there until he took it down himself?? And videos responding about it or posting a copy of it were taken down??? like what in tarnation youtube. They responded about it on Twitter over a week later saying that the channel violated the guidelines and that they “acted accordingly” and are looking at further consequences hmmm

AND HIS DAD ISN’T ANY BETTER he posted a video on his Instagram saying that all the haters wouldn’t do anything and everyone makes mistakes like KNOW WHEN YOUR CHILD MESSES UP PLEASE DKJALKSDFJ ESPECIALLY SOMETHING SO WRONG

Ok I’m not sure if it’s just me, but at random times I’ll want to really go to the mall and actually get my style in place because like I said I barely have clothes but then when I do go to the mall I always feel so awkward going into those clothing or trendy stores. I usually end up going to eb games and staying there for a while looking at the 3ds games and pokemon toys lolzzz

One last thing is I kind of want to get a new 3ds because I have a really old one with a small screen, but at the same time I might want to get the switch if there are any more good games coming out (mainly pokemon)

Thanks for reading this long post guys and happy 2018!!


❄ A Fairy Christmas ❄ Day 12 (Anything)  

Because this is the last post before Christmas, we’re all going to be writing about different things!


Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! Christmas is only two days away woohoo. So for this post, I’m going to be talking about some things you should do or try 2018! Even I haven’t tried all of these things but I hope to.

  • stop worrying about people’s opinion s much if it’s making you feel bad
  • try out a new hobby 
  • write a story
  • maybe adopt a pet 😀
  • make new friends
  • give more (doesn’t have to be money, it could be experiences too)
  • join a new fandom (if you don’t mind selling your soul for it)

Woohoo hope you guys have a great new year!!



I’m so ready for Christmas…how ’bout you?

Every year on Christmas Eve, I gather with my extended family and we have a nice turkey dinner and give/open gifts. Apparently it’s pretty weird that I open gifts on Christmas Eve, not Christmas but honestly doesn’t matter that much right ¯\_()_/¯

Something special I’m doing this Christmas is taking care of my friend’s rabbit. Although it doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas itself, I’m still so happy :)))

Once Christmas passes, I’m excited for everything to go on sale and get a bunch of nice stuff for a fairly cheap price


❄ A Fairy Christmas ❄ Day 11 (photography inspiration)  

Everyone likes to have some cool photos to post right?
Here’s some inspiration for different artsy shots you can get


Pinterest. My favourite place to copy- wait did I say copy? I mean get inspiration for photos!

Here are some ideas:

For those who aren’t a big fan of showing their face

darling you are a star trapped in the darkness of night. you will shine forever.~Pinterest:natty1067~ ~ig:natalie107~

Catching the moment (for photographers out there, make sure you set your shutter speed high!!)

Senior pictures with snow in the winter:

And here are some more:

#brandyusaI like the idea of changing the mantel picture with the season.Problems hit the gym, they all work out  Pop style // drake^*>...I See You...Over There...Boyfriend<*^!Best Snow Photo Ideas for Family and Kids



Because gravy posted some ideas for when you want to show people in the picture, here are some ideas for when you want to take pictures of just objects!

I’ve always loved close up shots of ornaments or snow:

Related imageImage result for close up snowImage result for close up snow

Another thing I like is when you take a picture with lights in the background that are blurry:

Image result for christmas lights backgroundRelated imageRelated image

And of course, flatlays are another one of my favourite pictures:

Image result for flatlay christmasImage result for flatlay christmas



❄ A Fairy Christmas ❄ Day 10 (Pranks)



Here’s a list of pranks you can do on people to get them mad at you woohooo

  • If you have the time, wrap their entire room with wrapping paper, including their bed, chair, desk, and other things.
  • Give someone a regular looking candy cane, but in a different or bad flavour, like a green wasabi flavoured candy cane
    Image result for wasabi candy cane
  • Give people gift cards with no money in it
  • Give people fake tickets
  • Swap out a gift someone was going to give away with packaging that looks identical

I couldn’t think of too many because I’m not good with pranks 😛



Hi friends,

I’m back!

Here are some fun pranks you can do:

  • When wrapping a small present, find a LARGE bag and stuff it full of scrap paper or newspaper to give them false hope (this is probably easier to do than filling boxes full of boxes or buying a big box)
  • A fun prank to do at parties:
    Use tissues and stuff them up your family and friend’s shoes. It’ll take them a while to figure out why they can’t fit into their own shoes.
  • On a cold night, wet some cotton balls and stick them to anything!

I don’t mean to self-promo, but I made a blog a while back, and there’s a bunch of pranks there that you can check out – https://jokealotblog.wordpress.com/


❄ A Fairy Christmas ❄ Day 9 (Christmas Playlists)


Here are some classic songs that everyone knows:

Alisha Marie’s Vlogmas playlist from last year because she’s my favourite vlogger:

A BUNCH of What I Got For Christmas videos:

Anddd Keegan Acton, one of my favourite Youtuber’s Christmas videos:



Pentatonix is and will always be my favourite Christmas music group

Here’s a song I recently found and have fallen in love with:

Hope you like these as much as I do 🙂


❄ A Fairy Christmas ❄ Day 8 ( Loves/Hates)

This post we’re telling you guys what we love and hate about the holidays!


Woohoo Christmas is in 10 days!!!


  • Buying presents for people – Even though I don’t have enough money to buy everyone gifts, I still like looking for them and I find it more fun to give and get (that’s so cheesy kjafkas)
  • YouTube videos – I LOVE watching “What I Got For Christmas” videos because I find it fun to see what others got. I especially love watching the really long ones where the person gets more than me in three years than them in one. 
  • No school – Of course I need a break
  • Malls – I love seeing Christmas themed everything at the mall because it really puts me in the mod and spirit


  • Too much/high snow – this usually only bothers me if we have to run in it for PE or I have to walk in it on a slope.
  • Not having enough money to buy presents for everyone

That’s all I can think of lolz. The coldness doesn’t really bother me, but can be used as an excuse to stay home haha



  • I love to sleep. Sleeping in is definitely a passion of mine
  • I love holiday food. Especially desserts
  • I love going to hangouts, chilling with a bunch of friends
  • I love snow and the numerous cute pictures you can get from snow
  • I love Christmas decorations both in my own home and in the public


  • I hate realizing I’ve wasted my break doing absolutely nothing useful
  • I dislike the cold, but I guess I’ve gotten at least a little used to it, not that I can complain much because there are definitely places in the world that are colder
  • I hate when my parents tell me that breaks are meant for extra work, not for a break.

Overall though, I still love the holidays. Everyone just seems to be in a better mood all the time 🙂


❄ A Fairy Christmas ❄ Day 7 (Present Wrapping)

Today, we talk about different ways to wrap presents to make them unique!


Instead of using wrapping paper, try using:

  • newspaper
    Image result for newspaper wrapping
  • customized wrapping paper
    Image result for personalized wrapping paper
  • Recipe paper, this is a good idea if you’re giving them kitchen or baking supplies
    Image result for personalized wrapping paper
  • family gift paper
    Image result for personalized wrapping paper
  • magazines
    Image result for magazine wrapping

If the gift is weirdly shaped, put it in a box with other little things like small bells, and wrap it! Even adding a fancy bow with other decorations makes the gift look like it’s from Pinterest.
Image result for fancy wrappingImage result for fancy wrapping

tip: to make the ribbon for your bow curly, use scissors and run it across the ribbon quickly.



Hello friends 

I’m not that great at wrapping, so generally I like putting my presents in a bag and then putting a bunch of tissue paper to kind of hide the present like this:

Image result for gift bag

But I feel like this type of wrapping doesn’t quite give the thrill of ripping a present open or shaking the box to figure out what’s inside, so I think I might stick to traditional wrapping this year

For small presents, I like using regular printer paper and painting/drawing designs on it. For example, for my friend’s birthday, I painted horizontal strokes across the paper like this

Image result for paint strokes

and it was a nice substitute for wrapping paper.

Another thing you could do (although very time consuming so choose carefully who you use this for!!), is take some plain wrapping paper or just printer paper and wrap the gift normally

And then once you’re done, take a marker and write a bunch of adjectives that describe the receiver such as “Kind, caring, tenacious, selfless” etc.

or you could write a Christmas phrase all over, such as “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”



To be quite honest, I’ve always pushed the responsibility to wrap presents to my mom, but now that I’m not actually incapable of gift wrapping, she’s pushed it back to me, in which case I don’t actually wrap the present using wrapping paper because it’ll probably not look neat and I can’t stand that. SO,

1) Use a nice giftbox (mentioned in Secret Santa post)
Image result for christmas tin box

you can usually find these type of things at dollar stores/stationary stores (stores like Daiso, if you know what that is)

2) Plain Shoeboxes
If you can find a plain one, that is. But shoeboxes are really simple and reminds me of pinterest things, especially if you just tie a ribbon or 2 around it. It’s also a good size for most gifts, and you can add bubble wrap or tissue paper if your gift is small to fill up the space.



So I got steam today just so I could play Doki Doki Literature Club just because Sean and Felix played it and it looks cool.

Does anyone else have any good game suggestions that are FREE?

Woot now I can get nightmares from Monika from my own computer.