big changes coming…

Hello everyone who’s miraculously still here (very thankful for you who is reading this first of all),

292 days since my last post with no explanation where I went. My apologies for that. My posting schedule had become more and more inconsistent, with posts coming once a month. All of us authors on the blog wanted a way to change that, and here’s what we’re planning (topics highlighted and in a different font):


Personally, my interest in this field has grown tremendously in the past year, along with Cynthia (aka. gravycf). Because of this, we wanted to put our focus of this blog on something we were interested in, since we had stopped playing fantage (and it’s also closed now so…). By doing this, we’ll hopefully be able to reignite our passion for blogging through photography and videography related things.


The layout of this blog is going to drastically change, and we’ll be relying on pages much more than just the homepage. New posts will continue to appear in your reader, but will likely not appear on the homepage all the time. We’re still working this out to see what will work best.

blog name//URL

With all these changes, I feel like it would be slightly weird if we didn’t change the name of this blog along with the URL…

We haven’t quite decided on this new name yet, but we will definitely let you know when we have!


…and with that being said, I”ll probably change my display name to just “cari” since I personally don’t feel like I fit the “fairy” vibe anymore 🙂
Additionally, gravycf will also be changing her display name to “cynthia
and briar4ever6 will be changing hers to “rebecca

Thanks for sticking by! Please continue to support us as we’re going through these changes and hopefully you’ll be just as satisfied as we’ll be when all of this is done!


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Welcome to Fairy Life!

Hey there! Welcome to Fairy Life! This is a blog full of random posts like DIY crafts, tips, tricks, things that happen…basically our thoughts scattered all over the place 😛

This blog is owned by Fairycari, but run alongside her friends Gravycf and Briar4ever6. They love to post about anything such as trends, ideas or simply just thoughts they have. Check out the pages to see more of our works. Be prepared to embark on this journey with them, discussing fun, hilarious posts as well as serious, important topics! Have fun!

Thanks from all of us

P.S. If you’re wondering why the URL says ‘♥fantage-fairy♥’ instead of ‘fairy-life’, it’s because this blog was previously named fantage fairy 🙂

our thanks

5 years ago, i played fantage for the first time and was immediately addicted to this virtual world of pixels and fashion shows. my memory’s not too great but i still remember cari coming to me and asking if i wanted to join her on this new blog she was making for fantage. i was completely new to wordpress and had no idea how anything worked. 5 years later, i literally think in blog post format, seeing things and thinking “oh that could be a cool blog post!”.

blogging about fantage has been amazing, and what makes it amazing is all our viewers that stick with us, no matter how lame the post is, how many grammar mistakes there are, or no matter how little we post. blogging to an empty audience would not be near as close as amazing blogging to this audience we can trust will support and be there to read our posts is. so from the bottom of my heart, thank you. thank you for providing this cool little escape for me to vent all my weird creative bursts. hopefully some of you will stay for the new changes we’re making 🙂



Hello everyone! So in this post I just wanted to thank you guys for viewing, liking, and living through I cringy phases yuck. I also wanted to thank everyone who I’ve become friends with and I’m thankful that we’re still talking (through Discord <– click to join!) Blogging has helped my writing and taught me to proof-read because YIKES. So thank you for this community!


hey guys 🙂

I’ll just start off by saying
Thanks for continuing to follow this blog and starting conversations in the comments. Even if there were just one comment, one like on my posts, I was always so thankful that someone had took time to read what I wrote. Whether I posted about fantage or about my school drama, you were the reason why this community didn’t die with the lack of posts.
Thanks for your encouragements. Almost no one here knows me in real life, yet you expressed yourself in this community of fantage players. To be honest, my biggest regret is not getting to know all you of well and now the community is only getting smaller with the loss of fantage (sounds overdramatic but it’s true).
Thanks for your suggestions. Whether it was my plead for new animes to watch or my need of new music, you all came through in every way possible. When it came to the blog itself, you always supported our changes from when we changed from Fantage Fairy to Fairy Life, or smaller changes like the look of the blog.

and yes, HUGE thanks to rebecca for posting while I was just -gone-


What To Know About Braces

So I’m getting my braces off on the 25 woo and I’ve gathered advice for those who are getting braces, or already have them.

Before Getting Braces:

  1. Eat anything you want. You won’t be able to for a while
  2. Floss as much as you can (not that you shouldn’t when you get braces) because it takes twice as long with the wire going across your teeth and putting the floss underneath it for each tooth
  3. Be thankful your lips won’t get caught on anything whenever you close your mouth

First Few Days With Braces:

  1. It might seem really awkward with it in your mouth and you won’t know how to close your mouth properly, but after a few days you’ll get used to it
  2. Eating soft foods really helps the weird pain or soreness you feel in your mouth
  3. It’s easy to break your braces early on because your wire is thin and eating hard foods can either break your wire or take your bracket off (the part connected to your tooth)
  4. They don’t look as bad as you think they look

Other Things To Know:

  1. I know there’s a bunch of stereotypes about all the “cool/popular” people bullying or making fun of people with braces but honestly no one cares. Like literally no one cares that you get braces because 9.9/10 people especially in high school get braces so there’s nothing to make fun of
  2. Bring a toothbrush with you often because food gets stuck every time you eat
  3. Don’t be afraid of getting your braces tightened because they’re only sore for a few hours after
  4. Don’t get braces just because you think they look cool because there’s literally no point. They’re expensive and you’ll most likely want them off your teeth after like a week, plus you could break them easily

Ok that’s all I have woohoo

Comment some more advice!!


Goodbye Fantage 2008-2018

So Fantage closed last night at 12:39/12:40, 40 minutes after it was expected. The servers were so full and downtown was lagging so much. I’m glad that there was Fantage so I could make all my blogging friends!!

So I made a video about it which was fun, but I think I was logged out differently than others. Most people were given the message that they were logged out from 15 minutes of inactivity, but I was trying to get to uptown and it kept loading forever.

So people expected it to close at 12 am, June 1, but it actually closed 40 minutes later and I was able to kind of get it on film.

Here’s the video:


Bye fantage

I didn’t even know about fantage closing down until I saw Instagram posts about it but ahhhhhdfgjffkgk

It’s closing on June 1 and it’s so crazy

I was kind of expecting it though because of all the scammers, hackers, and all that.

I used to play fantage so much especially during like 2015 or 2016 in the summer and I loved it

Even though I haven’t played in months I’m still gonna miss it and the cool items I had on my millions of accounts yikes

But who wants to meet up later for nostalgia?


PS y’all this blog is dying ahhhh where are Cari and Gravy

Weird Things That Bother Me/I Don’t Like

I know I’m going to forget stuff but here are the ones I can remember right now:

  1. the word pants. ughguhu
  2. pants like these
    Image result for flared pantsImage result for flared pants
  3. some wide sleeves
  4. when people FAKE mental illnesses/make fun of it
  5. most neon colours??
  6. how leather jackets/jean jackets feel. I find them so uncomfortable
  7. spicy foods. I cant eat spicy anything

What are weird things that bother you?


youtuber/musically/vine stars trying to sing

Youtubers who try to start a career from singing/rapping just so they can, are not g o o d. I appreciate it if they’ve had a love for music for a long time before YouTube, because those are usually the most dedicated ones and sing the best. The ones who created songs just because aren’t too great… and people still like it because they like their (sometimes good) content???

What do you guys think about this?


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Some More Great Youtubers

I watch so many Youtubers that aren’t as known so here are some more for y’all. Click on the names to go to their channel in a new tab!

Comedy Commentators

Triggered Tro


Lifestyle/Beauty Gurus

Alexa Mae

Amber Scholl

Chelsea Crockett


Gillian Bower

Jazzy Anne

Jessie Paege

Keegan Acton





Singers/Music Related

Jasmine Thompson

Peter Hollens

Ali Brustofski

Chelsea Hebert

Malinda Kathleen Reese

Meg DeAngelis Music


Samuel Ock


Games (Mostly Nintendo)

Austin John Plays




Dr. Wily











Bored Shorts TV

Brand Sins

Brian Hull



Editing Is Everything

Guy Tang

Hayes Family Vlog

Jon Solo


Lucas the Spider

Mr. Kate

Music Video Sins

Peekaboo Parrots

Stuart Edge


Some Great Meme/Other Great Videos!

I don’t know how I found these but they made my life 3 times better!! I’m putting the links in the words because some of them are surprises >:) (they open in a new tab)

Somebody Toucha my SPAGETT (Full episode)

Pixar Bloopers (they literally animated bloopers)

What are you doing in my swamp remix

Old song memed

Let it go memed


Rick roll surprise

Gaston song but check the description before watching!!

Gaston eats eggs

Gaston eats more eggs

Gaston song with mixed rhymes

Wonderful surprise 😀

I hope you watch every single one of them to fill the void in your heart



I’m just going to be talking about random things in this post so woot woot

Some things I hope to do in 2018 (or soon) are:

  • continue to have motivation for school
  • get out and do things more – not be so anti social yikes
  • actually catch every single pokemon in all my pokemon games
  • go shopping because I literally wear 3 tshirts and 4 pants??? I mean I wear uniforms so I don’t really care but when I do actually care then I’ll go shopping lolzzz
  • work on my relationship with God (I’m a Christian)
  • go to some rad places so I can get rad pictures
  • have feed goals for Instagram (white feeds are hard y’all)
  • practice my flute, 3d pen, and art more

Ok um I know that this isn’t too relevant now, but LOGAN PAUL HAS TO GO NOPE NOPE D I S R E S P E C T F U L

What’s even worse is that YouTube literally did nothing about it like it went on the trending page and was left there until he took it down himself?? And videos responding about it or posting a copy of it were taken down??? like what in tarnation youtube. They responded about it on Twitter over a week later saying that the channel violated the guidelines and that they “acted accordingly” and are looking at further consequences hmmm

AND HIS DAD ISN’T ANY BETTER he posted a video on his Instagram saying that all the haters wouldn’t do anything and everyone makes mistakes like KNOW WHEN YOUR CHILD MESSES UP PLEASE DKJALKSDFJ ESPECIALLY SOMETHING SO WRONG

Ok I’m not sure if it’s just me, but at random times I’ll want to really go to the mall and actually get my style in place because like I said I barely have clothes but then when I do go to the mall I always feel so awkward going into those clothing or trendy stores. I usually end up going to eb games and staying there for a while looking at the 3ds games and pokemon toys lolzzz

One last thing is I kind of want to get a new 3ds because I have a really old one with a small screen, but at the same time I might want to get the switch if there are any more good games coming out (mainly pokemon)

Thanks for reading this long post guys and happy 2018!!